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    oath letter not arrived

    My wife and I had our interview on the same day. She had her oath 3 days later, mine was amonth later. Very normal. Brian
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    End of My Journey

    My immigration journey ended this morning in Manhattan. After just under 10 years holding various statuses, I became a Citizen. Through the years, this whole message board has been a great help in all aspects. I can remember when it was just a black screen with white text, chock full of great...
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    New York City - N-400 Timeline - Naturalization Experiences

    Congratulations. Wow, you were there for a long time. I had my oath today at the USCIS office in Manhattan. Was in at 8 am, out at 9:45. Ceremony actually started at 9:10 am. Everybody lines up then talk to the officer in the booth. She took my greencard, asked me how long I was out of the...
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    HELP - Case Not Found Online!!

    My wife did her oath 2 weeks ago and the online case status says the same thing as yours. Brian
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    Latest NYC Timeline

    I attended my spouse's oath ceremony today at 26 Federal Plaza. It was a very nice ceremony, but kind of lousy for the spectators with the 8 giant columns in the middle of the room and all. Then again, it was not for us :-). As I mentioned in the NYC thread, we had our interviews on the same day...
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    US Citizenship Study Material?

    They give you a copy when you get fingerprinted, too. Brian
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    I am done! (NY DO)

    Congratulations. Where did you do your oath? Is it normal to have it so quick? I'll be doing my interview in Manhattan but I live upsate so my oath will be there (I assume based on the experience of others). Brian
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    N400 Timeline - VSC(NY)

    Notice date was Oct 30. No change to online status. I belong to a nationally recognized community organization. No tickets. Brian
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    N400 Timeline - VSC(NY)

    Updated Timeline Got some good news in the mail today Spouse and I both applied on June 25. She had fp on Aug 2. I had fp done on Sep 11. My receipt letter only came in late August We both have interviews in Manhattan on Dec 18 within 1/2 hour of each other. Time to study. Brian
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    N400 VSC TimeLine

    My Time line Me Mailed June 23 Received June 25 Check Cashed July 2 NOA August 28 Fingerprinting Sept 11 My Wife Mailed June 23 Received June 25 Check Cashed July 2 NOA July 9 (approx.) Fingerprinting Aug 2 My wife and I are being processed 5 weeks apart despite sending in...
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    VSC time line -N400 sent July 28, Nothing yet!

    I applied in JUNE. They are just getting to my fingerprinting this week. Brian
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    VSC Receipt-Finally

    Mailed N400: June 23 Check Cashed: July 3 Receipt Notice: August 29 As I've mentioned before, my wife who applied on the same day was fingerprinted last sign of IL...just shows the variability in how things are going. Brian
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    USCIS General Update!

    More time, I would imagine. These dates don't reflect my own experience. I have been waiting for my receipt notice since June 23. Brian
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    N-400 VSC Check Cashed

    My check was cashed by VSC on July 2 and am still waiting to get into the system (no receipt yet). My wife, who applied on the same day (end of June), has already been fingerprinted. Very frustrating. Brian
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    How many of you mailed the N-400 in June/July 2007?

    N-400 to VSC My wife and I both filed N-400 to VSC on June 23 (filed seperately). Both checks were cashed on July 3. My wife immediately received her receipt and is scheduled for fingerprinting in Bronx, NY on Aug 2. I have not received my receipt, although I can make out the receipt number on...
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    EB1-OProf - Dillema of a Business Professor

    Get all of your references to state that one publication a year is an extraordianry achievement and it may not be a problem. Brian
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    Job Change

    You are right, I stand corrected. You can change your job 6 months after the I-485 is submitted, i.e. once your PD is current. The fact that USCIS has not yet issued any type of guidance on a law passed while Clinton was President is abhorant. The legacy INS never wanted this but the law was...
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    Job Change

    You have to wait until the I-485 is approved...probably even 6 months after. Brian
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    us citizen wanting to take kids into canada

    If you have full custody, then you will need to bring those papers. How often you run into him is irrelevant. This is a legal thing. Brian
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    Any EB1-OR denial without RFE?

    That's the way it used to be. Things have certainly changed in the last year or so. Brian