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  1. Hello Mister

    TN1 from MSP

    A TN requires one to be entering the US when requesting for it. I'd be surprised if the arrangement you mention above is a valid one but maybe Covid changed how things get done...
  2. Hello Mister

    Car import

    Not sure but I had many friends move to the state I live in and they didn't have to do any customs clearance to register vehicle
  3. Hello Mister

    Car import

    This was what I did ... i.e. I actually moved from Canada to US plates without doing #2
  4. Hello Mister

    Car import

    Good day everyone ... I had moved to the US on TN a few years back and brought along my Canada purchased vehicle with me. At that time, I was not sure if I'd stay in the US or go back. I got my car plated in the US and the state did not have any requirement for any formal import. I did not have...
  5. Hello Mister

    TN Renewals Query

    Nelsona is right... Get your citizenship first. After that, your degree and it's applicability to TN profession will determine if you can get tn
  6. Hello Mister

    checkin' TN luck on this Saturday at POE

    You HAVE to enter the US after getting your TN...can't just turn back from US CBP post. After you enter the US formally, you can then turn back and re-enter Canada by going through Canadian customs
  7. Hello Mister

    Using an Earlier Academic Equivalency Evaluation for New TN Application

    Using the previous ones should be fine IMO.
  8. Hello Mister

    Just got TN and a New Employment Offer

    Yep TN allows for employment with multiple employers
  9. Hello Mister

    Currently on OPT, Chinese spouse, should I apply for TN status immediately?

    I might be reading it wrong but your wife will need TD Visa from the consulate. She can't get it from the border. As for your son, I'm not sure if consulate will entertain his application if he's a Canadian too. This said, if you got TD for your son at the border on his Canadian passport, can he...
  10. Hello Mister

    Help - Passport Damaged with TN Status!!

    Btw, just ooc, if you had your citizenship certificate (assuming you naturalized) or your birth certificate (if you are Canadian by birth), wouldn't that be enough to at least enter Canada? This way, one wouldn't have to worry about temp passport and simply get a new 10 yr passport using urgent...
  11. Hello Mister

    TN Visa from Toronto International Airport

    We will need more details about your degree + job offered etc. Before we can comment. Yes if TN is denied, entry into the US won't be allowed. You could always go to a land POE first close to Toronto.
  12. Hello Mister

    TN Visa from Toronto International Airport

    1. Your degree and job offered defines the TN occupation 2 and 3. You cannot just go to the airport to get the status (not Visa for Canadians). You have to be requesting entry into the US and have to take your flight
  13. Hello Mister

    TN Stamp

    It has to be surrendered when you leave your job and cease to be in TN status
  14. Hello Mister

    Apply for TD with approved I140

    @banf ... Other people responses will be the same as @SS0033 . It matters for AOS but not CP.
  15. Hello Mister

    Employment Verification & Validity at POE

    I9 is verification by your employer that you're working there legally and that a designated authority has validated the authenticity of your documents. Regardless of whether you get tn through CBP or USCIS , it's a required step in your employment
  16. Hello Mister

    TN visa for Biotech in the US

    Your citizenship and educational qualifications?
  17. Hello Mister

    TN-1 job offer doesn't have end date

    That would suffice
  18. Hello Mister

    TN-1 Status Documents Checklist

    Degree: evaluated to US standards if not from Canada or US Passports and birth certificates for kids and marriage certificate if applicable if you plan to get TD for them You don't have to carry docs every time you cross the border Good luck
  19. Hello Mister

    How far ahead can you apply for TN-1 Status from your start date?

    Thanks for clarifying nelsona
  20. Hello Mister

    Do's and Don'ts for TN Management Consultant category

    I've heard that MC is scrutinized a lot. If your petition is strong, then you might be ok but you might have to do more convincing than you would have to if you were going with a category such as csa