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    RFE undelivered... Time running out?

    Friends, I am in a weird situation. My NIW-140 was approved in June 2005 (filed July 2004), and the case was transferred to TSC. Recently (Sep 19), the TSC sent an RFE, which my lawyer did not receive (he split from the office and the office moved -- my case was lost in the middle). As soon...
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    EB2 NIW from July 2004... Worth applying for EB1-OR?

    I posted this one as part of a thread in the "August 2006 Visa Bulletin", and didn't receive any responses... So, I thought that I'd ask the question in a new thread. I have an EB2-NIW approved in June 2005 (applied in July 2004). The I-485 has been pending from July 2004. We have the EADs...
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    NIW 485 + EAD e-file Questions

    Hello, I have a couple of questions: I filed concurrently (without medical examination) for I-140 and 485 in July 2004. My I-140 got recently approved (June 3, '05). I had finger prints taken on April 7 (FP Code 3), and the LUD on 485 was 04/27 (the status message did not change). Same with...