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    UN/Ginnu, a question for you please!

    UN/Ginnu, I'm considering leaving my current job and joining an international organization headquartered in the U.S. Provided that my job category is the same, would the nature of my new employer, i.e. international organization, be a problem? Many thanks Baywatcher
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    Second FP appointment

    I just received my second FP appointment notice. MY question is whether I can get my FP earlier than my appointment date? I know that some people on this board already did that before, but i'm not sure it is still feasible now. thanks baywatcher
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    Security Clearance

    I just got a reply to my inquiry from CSC. it says my fild is awaiting final security clearance....blah. It is unable to estimate the amount of time it will take for the security clearances to be completed.... Sigh, it looks like it's not just the FBI name check, it may involve other U.S...
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    EAD and AP renewals

    Hi gurus, I need to renew my EAD and AP, do I have to do it through my lawyer? Can I file it by myself? Can I file it online? My lawyer gave me a quote of $900. Many thanks Baywatcher
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    Out of job while I-485 is pending

    Gurus, My company is not doing well, I have a feeling that my company will be out of business in a few weeks. Can anybody let me know how long I can be out of job if my I-485 is pending and I have a valid EAD? my i-140 was already approved. Many thanks Baywatcher
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    CSC SF Office screwed up my FP

    Just called the FBI FP office and was told my FP was incomplete and need to retake FP. It appears that the woman at CSC SF office was inexprienced. My FP was submitted to FBI in April. if i didn't call them just a few minutes ago, the FBI would still not inform CSC about my FP status. Baywatcher
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    What does it mean?State Department Prediction of Cutoff Dates

    from 09/15/2004: State Department Prediction of Cutoff Dates of Employment Based Immigration Priority Dates We reported on September 2, 2004 that the employment-based immigration priority dates may experience a set-back sooner or later. The report was based on the State...
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    Take a wild guess: when will the new JIT report be posted?

    Anytime this week? or anytime new few weeks? Baywatcher
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    US BCIS Backlog Reduction Milestones

    According to the US BCIS Backlog Reduction Plans published on 6/16/04: believe it or not? FY'04/FY'05/FY'06 Projected Cycle Times for I-140 (months): 8/7/6 FY'04/FY'05/FY'06 Projected Cycle Timesfor I-485 (months): 20/15/6 Baywatcher
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    Should new job title and job category match the old ones?

    Ginnu and other gurus, Should the new job title be the same as the old one even though the job category remains the same? I thinik this question is also relevant to other viewers on this forum. Thanks Baywatcher
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    Projected adjudication time for my case

    Here is the projection by I485--Adjustment of Status (California Service Center), wac03256***** Based on the processing record of the same type of cases in this center, statistics analysis shows: Percent of cases filed around your case's filing date which have...
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    Updates on BCIS Backlog REduction Plan/CSC Pilot Project

    09/02/2004: USCIS Backlog Reduction Plan and Its Impact on Immigrant Visa Cut-Off Dates in the Visa Bulletin The USCIS has been testing the 90-day I-130/I-485 adjudication for the family-based green card cases and the 90-day I-140/I-485 adjudication for the employment-based green card cases...
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    AP extended by BCIS officer at SFO

    I just returned from abroad on AP. At the SFO airport, my AP was automatically extended by a BCIS officer. My AP was originally approved in December 2003. it was expiring in December this year but the BCIS officer extended it till August 26, 2005 according to a regulation. Baywatcher
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    USCIS Reports Reduction in Backlogs

    08/07/2004: USCIS Reports Reduction in Backlogs: Where is the Beef for the Employment-Based Cases? Mr. Aquirre, Director of USCIS reportedly disclosed today that at the end of July, the national backlog was reduced from 3.7 million cases to 2 million. In Houston, officials report that the...
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    Recent Wac03xxxxxxxx approvals

    CSC has approved lots of Wac03 cases recently. the I-140s were approved last year. It seems the CSC is clearing up some Wac03 cases whose I-140s have already been approved. Baywatcher
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    I-140 is moving again
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    New JIT Report as of 7/15 & I-140 is moving
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    July Approvals according to

    Wac020775**** 1/3/2002 Approved 7/8/2004 Wac020805**** 1/7/2002 Approved 7/6/2004 Wac020835**** 1/10/2002 Approved 7/7/2004 Wac020835**** 1/10/2002 Card_ordered 7/13/2004 Wac020845**** 1/11/2002 Approved 7/6/2004 Wac020875**** 1/15/2002 Approved 7/6/2004 Wac020875**** 1/15/2002 Approved...
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    When will the CSC start concurrently adjudicating I-140 and I-485?

    Does anybody have any guestimate about when the CSC will start concurrently adjudicating I-140 and I-485? Thanks a lot. Baywatcher
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    USCIS/ICE/BCP Hiring Freeze may affect backlog reduction

    06/05/2004: USCIS/ICE/BCP Hiring Freeze or Slowdown to Continue Until 09/30/2004 Report indicates that these components of the DHS overexhausted this FY's budget and there has been a hiring freeze in place since March 2004. The DHS confirmed that the hiring freeze or slowdown, whichever one...