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    Being harrassed by my lawyer!!!

    After PP stamping, the original approval is no good. It is useless after PP stamping. Don\'t talk to  
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    GCfun & Milk check it out I have made a new Realtime Approval Analysis

    The site doesnot work with Netscape. Please try to fix it if you have time.  
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    More waiting after interview?need advise.

    Go back to loacl INS and talk to the same officer about your case. They said 2-3 days which means 2-  
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    Urgent Help Needed

    You can call them and ask them if they can re-schedule.  
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    Average result of I485 with laid off < 180 days??

    Are you working for a consulting company? If u are working for a consulting company, try to find a job on your own and tell them to do sub contracting or 3rd party consulting. That way you don\'t lose your primary company. I did the same thing. I was laid off after 60 days after I-485 was...
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    Jim please help...EAD denial

    Your I-485 is going to be a problem. U will hae tough time getting your I-485 approved. You cannot c Better hire a good lawyer.
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    Yes..........One more approval between July 7-12 RD(RD-7/3/01)

    Congrats Man, You are giving me a hope. My RD is 07/02  
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    Would it make a difference in approval time, if my mom has a green card here and she applied for Cit

    Tell your mom to apply for u now and then when she becomes citizien call INS and tell them to transf  
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    My Lawyer received approval notice

    More??? is an asshole...ha ha