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    PassPort Stamping

    To day we went for Passport Stamping at Newark, NJ INS Center 1.There were many Approvals, that's the reason we have to stand in the Line 2.To Make our Life Easy, we didn't carry any bag,etc otherwise we have to wait at the Security Entrance 3.Got the Tokens for all the family...
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    Received Courtesy Copy of Approvals

    Our I-485's were approved on 07/19/2002 (Friday) (entire family) Today (07/26/2002) Received Courtesy Copies of Approvals for all the family memebers RD 08/13/2001 AD 07/19/2002 Good Luck
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    Wait there is a day for all, sure it will come

    Dear friends my Rd is 08/13/2001 finally got approved it took 11 months 6 days from the day of 485 RD even i didn't call IIO, offcourse no use there is a day is reserved for all to hear the words this case has been approved and ******************* Really this Site is very...