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    !!!!!!! Probable April Interview Dates For Chennai Thread !!!!!!

    Gentlemen & Ladies: Best of luck to the people who are appearing for an interview at chennai in March. I checked my case and i missed the boat by a couple of days. I opened a thread to track the April Interview dates. Please post your views, opinions, status for April Interview dates at...
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    Dor-08/03/01 Don-08/08/01 Doa - ???????

    DOR-08/03/01 DON-08/08/01 DOA - ??????? My Receipt Number is LIN-01-237-5???? Enlighted people is anybody cleared thier I140 near or close to this LIN ?
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    Did you see the new processing times for 140 ??

    They are processing 8/30/01 now !!!!!