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    30 day voluntary departure period

    Hi guys, is there anyone out there that knows how to extend the 30 day voluntary departure period? I don't think that I am getting this waiver since the DoS gave unfavorable recommendation- never heard of USCIS going against a recommendation- and I am in the middle of obtaining a new passport...
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    Fulbright and J1 waiver, Mission Impossible?

    I have heard a lot about how the Fulbright scholars should just forget a waiver unless the funds they received are below a certain limit. Are there any Fulbright scholars out there that managed to get waivers? If, you are one, or you know of a case of a Fulbright scholar that managed to...
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    Pending J-1 Waiver, "Sponsor Views"

    I hope you can help me with a question regarding the J-1 waiver. I have a pending case with the State Dept. based on No Objection , and they have received all the documents including the No Objection Statement. However they have sent a request for "sponsor views" on July 6 and they are still...