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    Stamping in Fairfax...smooth

    hi all, Finished stamping both mine and spouses stamping in fairfax. The process is very smooth. First of all ..getting an appointment is the tricky part. I tried at all times.. however if you try exactly at 6 in the evening or a minute after 6 may get it.. I got it twice at that time...
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    Waiting for Spouse's approval, Please post here.

    hi everybody in this wife's 485 got approved.. Mine was approved may 11th and finally yesterday my wife 's approval email came...She called customer service on may 27th or so and started a case enquiry..seems to have helped.. so suggest have your spouse call customer service..she...
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    Experience with infopass FAIRFAX

    wait-to-GC what time did you get through with infopass?
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    Waiting for Spouse's approval, Please post here.

    Same case spouse's 485 applied together with mine and finger printing done together...My 485 was pproved may11th...while as my spouse 485 still pending..there is no update even for the fingerpriniting..called customer service and they said they will start enquiry... :(
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    Infopass Issues in Washington DC

    Also can we try to make another appoitment at fairfax when you have a scheduled appoitmnet in Norfolk..that way if this goes thru somehow i can cancel the Noefolk appointment,,?? anybody tried this?? thanks
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    Infopass Issues in Washington DC

    HI..after trying in fairfax,,i gave up got the appointment in Norfolk for June10th...hope its a smooth ride...thanks
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    Infopass appt getting challenging to get in Farifax, VA !!!!! Any pointers !!!!!!!!!!

    hi, I got my approval notice on may 16th..have been trying to fetting infopass for fairfax..i live there.but its almost impossible..tried at all hours...i guess this is the only option left...go to did you all get the infopass appointment..i mean it asks for zip code of...
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    Can I use Ac21 before 140 approval? If not what are the oether options I have?

    hi, Just to inform all of you who want to change jobs before 140 approval based on whatever decision.. Its sometimes well worth the risk...I jumped employers before my 140 was approved and 180 after my 485 ND. last week finally my 485 was approved.(140/485 ND sept 30 2005, PD nov 2001)...
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    Infopass Issues in Washington DC

    No luck either..tried several times...
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    Anybody know any information about..September 2003..fillers

    VJ0510,, i filed on sept30th 140 was approved jan 2005..and yesterday my 485 was appoved.. I called the customer service number and opened an enquiry..I got a letter from them saying i should hear back from then in 60 days and then finally before 60 days was completed i got the...
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    doc's after I485 approval from employer.

    hi vijji241..since you already got the GC card i guess u r free now...I would just keep the pay stubs, offer letter etc,. cant think of anything else u can ask the employer before leaving...maybe an expiernce letter!
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    485 approved!!

    thanks all....I swtiched jobs and joined new employer on h1 transfer. I did not invoke AC-21..but esstentially technically it means i have used the provision of ac-21 and changed employer after 180 days of i guess its questionable but i will not work for the sponsoring employer...
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    Please Post Your Approvals Here

    485 approved hi, MY 485 was finally approved today.ND 140/485 oct 1st 2003. My wife's 485 is still not it normal for dependent to get approved later? if so what would be the timeframe... thanks
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    Canadian Permanant Residence

    hi, i wrote to them and sent the approved PR papers and they refuned the landing fee to me.. i did not send passports..
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    485 approved!!

    hi, Finally today i got the magic email..This case has been approved.. its been a long wait and i had jumped employer before 140 was approved. In the end it worked out. My ND for 140/485 was oct1st 2003. 140 was approved jan 24th 2005 and now after i made an enquiry 485 was approved today...
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    Need some advice

    thanks JK and assur..My lawyer got a copy of it and they sent it to me.. I was more worried if it has any impact on my 485 processing..My ND for 485 is oct 1 2003 and its well crossed the published dates..Should i invoke ac021 or keep quiet .. for now i had decided to just wait and see if i get...
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    Need some advice

    sorry the 140 approval is 2005 not 2004!
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    Need some advice

    hi, My 140 (ND oct 1 2003) was approved in jan 2004.. however the approval notice was returned to the CIS on feb 17th cause my employers address has my attorney called the CIS and updated the employers address on March 11th 2005. I still havent seen the approval being
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    I140 Approved

    Freedom4all, I do wish you get a speedy approval..The same message is there since 11/03/04 and i still havent seen any progress..offcourse my 140 was not approved that time and subsequently my 140 was approved jan 24th...again the approval notice went back to CIS as the address of my company...
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    Another concurrent approval.

    JK, Hearty Congrats!! Enjoy the freedom..and wish you all the best!!