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    husband's entry into US

    Hi, My H1-B has expired in October.Since I had filed for I-485 , I did not have to file for an extension.I have my work permit and AP.I have gotten married 2 weeks back.I was wondering how my husband can enter US since I do not have a valid H1 visa although my status is Legal. I would...
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    Advance Parole

    Hi, I had applied for the I-485 on Aug 8th at the Texas Service Center.I got all my receipts and the EADs too. No news on the advance Parole though.(got the receipt but not the actual letter/Card) Was wondering if any person who had applied durin July-Aug 2007 have got their APs...
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    I-485 Receipt

    Hi, I submitted my form I-485 on August 8th,2007.I have not received the reciept yet.The USCIS site has a posting that all applications upto Aug9th have been processed.I am in a panic mode now.That apart,my attorney has had us submit a Money Order instead of a check. I was wondering...
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    question abt eb2 or eb3

    Hai. My company went thru the whole process of advertising both within the comapany and in thelocal newspapers for applying to PERM.I have a masters with 10yrs experience.Does PERM allow us to apply in EB2 /EB3 category ?or is that only valid for the old process? regards, yella