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    I-485 joke

    have you heard of this saying.. Q. What is the difference between a whore and a Bitch A. Whore fucks eveyone, but bitchs fucks eveyone except U. This is the same case with our I-485. Everyone gets approval but u. Is is correct or what?
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    How To Read Eac Number

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    July 2nd I-485 Approved.

    PD - May 1999 RD - 2nd July 2001 PD - 20th Aug 2001 FP - Nov 2001 EAD - Jan 2002 AP - Jan 2002 EAC-01-250-XXXXX (Pennslyvania) AD - 9th April 2002 Finally approved after 10 yrs staying in US. Within 10 yrs I was out of Status twice. You guys are next. !!! Milk u should check the...
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    I-485 and Emplyer.... Please Help.

    Hi Friends, I already posted my detail earlier. I have a final question. Since I got my approval, and suppose if I get my passport stamped, then Can I leave my current employer, or Is there any law that I have to stay with them for certain amount of time. Your opinion will be highly...