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    Part-time employment after getting the GC

    I have a hypothetical question: what happens if after you get your GC the business situation of your employer changes and instead of firing you he just offers you to work part-time at the exact same position stating that as soon as the situation improves he'll have you back full-time? Will you...
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    Any successful Writ of Mandamus cases here?

    My attorney was supposed to file Writ of Mandamus this week. I was wondering if anyone here have already done this and willing to share their experiences? _____________________ I-485 RD - April 2003 PD January 2001 (current)
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    Will visas become unavailable again soon?

    What do you think guys? Will they just make visas unvailable sometime in June or July until October - like they did last year? May Visa Bulletin says that "Continued heavy demand for numbers (particularly for adjustment of status cases at USCIS offices) has brought allocations close to the...
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    Namechek ready, PD current, RD I-485 - 04/01/03 - what do I do now?

    I really need your advice. I filed my I-485 in April 2003 and was stuck in namecheck all this time. Now my namecheck is ready, my PD is current - and I'm still waiting!!! :mad: :mad: I called Vermont in January - they said my case is with the adjudicator and I will get a decision in 3 to 4...
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    Status Inquiry response - what does this mean?

    Hello all! I've made a status inquiry on my case about a month ago - almost lost hope to hear from them. Called Vermont a week ago and a nice lady there told me that my namecheck is ready and my case is on the adjudicator's table and I should hear from them in 3 to 4 weeks. Then my LUD...
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    Two I-485, two APs?

    Is anybody out there with two different I-485s (one based on your I-140 and another one based on your spouse's I-140, for example)? Do you need to apply for separate Advanced Paroles based on each of your two I-485? Do you show both of them to the immigration officer when entering the country?
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    I-140 approved

    My I-140 was approved today. Concurently filed: I-140 ND MArch-26-2003 I-485 ND March-26-2003 RFE RD : July 7 2003 ND: Aug 5 2003 AD : Aug 28th 2003 EAD approved Aug 28th 2003 Thanks guys for all the info on this board!!!