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    Registerint business in Delaware but doing business elsewhere?

    Is it possible? What if the LLC-S, Inc or Sole corp. is registered in Delaware but doing business with it in other states? It's technically should be possible since a business can't be tied down to one state/city, ie. multiple restaurants, consultation companies.. Thanks!
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    How it is in the UK?

    My country in the part of EU. I've been living in the US for 5 years now and I am getting enough of the enough. I do want to stay but without proper documentations.. I don't know where else I would live but here, but I am thinking and trying to make compromise. English speaking country, it...
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    United Nations?

    Hi, ---first, I am aware of this is not employement section but I couldnt find a not visa but employement section.--- I was wondering, if I applied to UN, would they hire me, would they let me work in the US? I live in the states and I would love to work for them but I am not sure if I could...
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    Who can sponsor me?

    I'd like to know what are the requirements for the employee/employer to sponsor someone for GC, does the person have to work for them until become citizen, or for how long? What kind of business it has to be? I heard from people that they hired and sponsored their nanny/housholder since she...
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    I don't see the reason to live..

    :mad: Hi, I'm writing here because I've got to a point when I don't see the reason to live if I can't do it in the US. In my country the living is very hard, the mentality I can't stand and I am depressed there all the time, even when I just visited there... I kept coming back because of a...
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    Should I marry or wait for the bill?!?

    I have a college degree however I never worked as a skilled person using my brain since I had no work permit, so I did what I could do. Now I am concerned that the new immi. bill will not be fortunate for me and I don't know weather I should marry my BF or wait for the bill..:confused:
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    All the possibilities to live here legally

    I would like someone that is competent to list all the possible ways an alien can get green card here. I know marriage, DV lottery..What else? All appreciated, thanks!
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    The New Bill, when?

    I haven't heard of the new bill yet, are they working on it at all?