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    Operations: Help me. Am I not seeing a logout button or is the button not available? I suggest we have the user logout explicitly if the session associated with a user is creating and temporary data on your system...
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    Article from

    Looks like the service centers will accomplish the six-month wait for I-485 apps by Sep 2002?
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    Spoke to IIO: 01-273; RD 07/26/01; ND 09/18/01; FP 01/11/02

    Spoke to a polite IIO (first time caller) who said the case has not been assigned to an officer and is pending adjudication. She also said the files are going \'back\' for adjudication. When I said I was a little confused about the \'back\' keyword there, she said the case is moving, waiting to...
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    How many days after ordering the EAD card?

    The AVM says: "On Nov 08, 2001, after approving your application, card has been ordered.... anywhere between 60 and 90 days...". I understand there are folks getting the EAD card within a week of ordering. Anyone in the same boat? What is the recourse? Do we need to wait 90 days before...
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    Proc. time to obtain results of manual FP at Newark, NJ

    Has anyone given their Fingerprints using the manual method at Newark, NJ and seen the results within three weeks on the VSC AVM? I understand the electronic method takes less than 24 Hrs - Thanks