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  1. Hello Mister

    Car import

    Good day everyone ... I had moved to the US on TN a few years back and brought along my Canada purchased vehicle with me. At that time, I was not sure if I'd stay in the US or go back. I got my car plated in the US and the state did not have any requirement for any formal import. I did not have...
  2. Hello Mister

    Work from US and outside US

    Hi everyone, I am trying to validate my understanding of how TN would work in the following scenario. A friend of mine has been working on TN status with a large company. He has a 3-yr TN set to expire in Feb next year (2018). Up until now, he was working out of the US, however, due to family...
  3. Hello Mister

    Need new TN in the event of company acquisition?

    Context: TN with Company A which is about to be acquired by Company B Question: Is a new TN required for Company B if the job role is identical to that at company A? Thanks.
  4. Hello Mister

    Travel on AP with 485 applied from TN

    This doesnt apply to me but I am asking for my own clarification. I know that if you file for TN->GC, you need to stay put in the US after filing 485. However, once you get AP though, could there be potential problems when entering back into the US? Asking since I see at times, people have 485s...
  5. Hello Mister

    Processing times at TSC

    Hello everyone, I know that USCIS has its processing times posted on their website for different service centers. I just wanted to know if anyone has gone through processing at TSC over the past year and on what timeline did they receive different docs (131, 765) and eventually the GC? thanks
  6. Hello Mister

    Clarification re: TD

    Wanted to request a clarification. I know TDs cant work or be compensated. Can they do clinical observership or unpaid/volunteer roles just for experience? thank you.
  7. Hello Mister

    Clarification on TN vs H1

    Hi -- I just wanted to get a clarification for my own understanding. I read somewhere in one of the posts (a while back) that if you are on tn and you are ready to file for 140, make sure you have been in US for at least 45 days before you file or else they might deny 140 citing immig-intent...
  8. Hello Mister

    Interesting Proposed Rule changes...jfyi

    checkout the link below - January 2016&utm_content=Newsletter - January 2016 CID_f8b077f65cfe79d2b40576f08e12c86d&utm_source=Email marketing software&utm_term=more One...
  9. Hello Mister

    TN/I-94 and passport expiry

    Just wanted to reconfirm for a friend who is about to apply for his TN... Scenario: 1) 3-yr TN offer 2) Passport expires in 2017 though Will he still get an I-94 with expiry date 3-yrs from date of issue (regardless of passport expiry) OR will CBP issue the I-94 that expires on the date of...
  10. Hello Mister

    prevailing wage determination times

    Hello Any idea how long is PWD taking these days? Thanks
  11. Hello Mister

    Travel with approved H1

    Hi H1 kicks in on Oct-1. Do you foresee any issues with travel outside the US on TN with an H1 pending (need to travel to Canada for a week in July)? Likely not but just thought of checking with the experts. Thanks!
  12. Hello Mister

    New title = new TN?

    Folks...if someone gets promoted in the same company but acquires a different title, does it necessitate a new TN? e.g. Manager --> Director
  13. Hello Mister

    Car registration

    Hi Experts...registered my car today in the US. They kept the Canadian title with themselves and told me I will get the US title in mail soon. Q I have i need to inform the Canadian province that my car is not going to be registered with them anymore OR will they automatically find it...
  14. Hello Mister

    COS Questions

    Hi, I am currently in TN status and got selected in the H1b lottery this year. The petition was filed with COS (which was approved) and I was sent the same I94 number as my current TN. Now the lawyer has given me two options to change the status of my dependents to H4 from TD: 1) File I-539...