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    TSC Consolidated 485 Tracker

    dont worry man, you'll get it kishoorkv, I can understand your situation and frustration, you'll get it man, i also went thru the same path but atlast by God's Grace i got it
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    rollingstone approved 5/23/08

    congrats rollingstone, enjoy the freedom
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    I485- Background check,local office

    dont worry, you'll be getting your approval very soon.its on your way
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    Record holder. Finally approved.

    congrats man, its a long journey, but its over now i think Akbari is the grand old man here, he recently got his approval enjoy the freedom man
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    15 year long Journey

    congrats man, and congrats for becoming father once again Hope now you have good life after GC May God Bless you all, enjoy the green
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    Green_Always, Turned REAL Green This Spring 2008.

    As i mentioned you last time, you'll get your GC approvals soon Congrats man, enjoy the green freedom now
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    Think GOD!!!!!!!! EB2 INDIA !!!!!PD -2002 !!!!!!NOT Approved

    Hi All, I know all your pains as I also went thru that path, but please be wait for some more time man i think you'll get your approvals soon
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    TSC Consolidated 485 Tracker

    hang on guys, its just slow now but 485 approvals will pick up
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    Thank God - EB3 India - Approved!!

    Congrats zinchak, enjoy the freedom now
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    Why USCIS is approving cases with RD 2007?

    Dont worry Green_Always, I can feel your pain, just some more time man, You'll get approval soon.. I also went thru a difficult path but by God's Grace we are fine now
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    Thanks Rajiv, Moderators and all Members

    congrats dhrnp, H1B started in 1998 , by God's Grace we got GC approvals in Nov 07 dont worry , all we'll get GCs
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    Mission Accomplished

    congrats, enjoy your freedom
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    approved finally

    by next week at this time you'll get your real cards
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    GC Approved

    Enjoy the green man, you really deserved it its really pain for not getting before i can feel the pain of old timers God will help us man
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    approved finally

    Congrats man, Enjoy your freedom, now you can have some relief i can feel your pain i also has the same problem regarding Namecheck they did namecheck for 2nd time eventhough my previous namecheck cleared in 1 week
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    I140 Denied urgent help Needed - in 9th year Extension

    You Didnt completed your MCA so USCIS wont entertain that as a 4 year course for BSC and 1st year MCA Contact good attorney
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    Incorrect Priority Date on I-140 Approval Notice

    You can contact USCIS through your local Senator or Congressperson It may help sometimes All the Best man For me also it happened but I sent mail to USCIS with all my info, they cleared my GC within 2 weeks of mail received date
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    Thank God. I am through.

    Congratulations Akbar May God Bless you I am very happy for you man
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    TSC Consolidated 485 Tracker

    felt bad to see you here still did you sent mails to First Lady/Senators? please do so i know your pain man i started my processing in 2001 and got in nov 07 hang on there
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    After 5 years.. I got RFE

    i'll check once in a week, but dont worry man your time is near you'll get it