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    tombaan is that you i found the link to this site from indiancricket. good one take care
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    good english speaking courses in pakistan :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :p
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    may 02

    any guys still out there? Are any still without fp? what is the plan of action you guys have thought other than wait this hell out?
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    ac 21

    does it require that you inform ins when you change employment and work with a new employer using ead? or is it required to be done only when they call for an interview thanks any help will be appreciated
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    ac 21

    how many of people who have changed jobs have informed ins about it? is it required to do so? what is your lawyers opinions regards;)
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    spoke to officer on ap/ ead

    I was told by her that currently they are processing may 14th for ap and may 1st week for ead if there are people before this dates do call up the ins and speak 214-381-1423
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    april 2002

    is there anyone who still have not got ead or ap?
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    American Trans Air

    many of u might say it doesnot concern us but i thought we should atleast be aware and organisations which are not helpful and understand us should be boycotted. I felt we should also think issue like this toowhich does concern us and our civil rights instead of just worrying about gc...
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    what is happening? have applied in may 23,2002 and no news yet? any guys with may who have been approved for ead /ap?
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    any guys filed in may 2002

    ead still not received
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    any guys filed in may 2002

    ead still not received
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    good cricketing forum
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    guys any ideas where the lady can complain about this

    On the same subject just to let all of you know of my experience last week. I had been to India for two weeks and I reentered the US at minneapolis/St.Paul airport. The immigration officer I got was a real asshole! Excuse me for the language!   He first asked me what I did ..I told him...
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    status for people filed in april,may 2002

    have you all got receipts? have you all got ead?
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    time involved in

    can u guys please advice me on time involved in getting receipt and ead from tsc? my 485 will be filed sometime this week
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    status for may 2002 filers

    please record the status here-like receipt from ins, ead recd etc thanks friends
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    h4 processing

    can it be done in toronto? canada
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    h1 extension from st louis

    guys any idea what date are they processing. i have send my passport in november end and still to receive it back. what can i do to find out the expected date of return? i am planning to make a trip outside the country next month and am worried on non receipt till now which is about 10 weeks...
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    good forum
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    cricket forum