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    what happens to EAD status after GC is approved?

    Gurus, What happens to EAD status after GC is approved? Currently i am working on 3rd EAD. my HR says that GC can be submitted next year when my 3rd EAD expires (aug 2008). I got my GC in hand on 10/9/07. Please share your inputs. many thanks, sree2005
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    wow...485 approved today 10/3

    Finally good news. Our GCs approved today. Please go thru my case details in signature. NC hell took almost 90% of my wait time. Almost 26 months stuck in NC clearance process. ============ Receipt Number: EAC0519xxxxxxxxxxxxx Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT...
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    Urgent: RFE on 485, please advise

    Dear Friends, I got the e-fax from TSC on 9/14/07 and online case msg also changed on 9/14. My situation is: 1. Joined company A on April '05 and resigned company A on Nov '06. MY GC started with this company A, offered a sub. labor, 140 approved in Nov 2005, filed 485 in june 05. 2...
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    Name check clearance - how long valid?

    Does any know how long the Name check clearance is valid? Is there any rule for NC also like FP valid for 15 months? Does USCIS request 2nd time name check if needed? Please share inputs. Thanks,
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    Infopass on 8/30/07: Name Check Cleared

    All my friends, Wanted to share a GOOD news, my name check was cleared yesterday per Infopass IO. I talked to TSC yesterday, i got the same news (nc cleared), but she didn't answer me when it was cleared, that's why i took infopass appt for today (luckily got one open today). confirmed...
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    LUD 8/15/07 and 5 times in August

    Please see my signature, LUD changed 5 times in August, what's going on? Bad news is my NC is still pending per relieable sources (Congresswoman office written email, Senator office wrritten letter, and from FBI directly). Pray for me and wish me all the BEST:) :) :)
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    Name Check - 180 days rule?

    does any one have more info on this? i saw people posting info on 180 day rule on name check. Id the name check doesn't clear in 180 days, does uscis still go ahead to approve pending 485s? any official info?
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    Infopass appt today (8/9/07)

    Today I went to Chicago office by taking infopass appt. I didn't get any additional info by visiting there, the lady is inexperienced, she didn't know most of my questions, she just told me whatever computer showed her, not a good trip. bad news is, my name check is still pending...
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    Spoke to TSC today: name check cleared

    Good news, just wanted to share, spoke to TSC today and came to know my major hurdle cleared (name check). the first officer was rude asked me to hangup, then i disconnected immediately. called up again after a minute, got a nice lady, she told me that NC cleared, FP done etc. but file was not...
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    FOIPA Response from Mr. Hardly's office

    I am stuck on name check since 7/8/05. However my wife NC was cleared recently. I wrote a FOIPA letter to Hardly office 3 weeks back. I received a response from David Hardly office on FOIPA request. It says "No records responsive to your FOIPA request were located by a search of the automated...
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    3rd EAD approved but small problem noticed, please advise

    My 3rd EAD was approved recently (see my signature) and valid from 8/21/07 to 8/20/08. 2nd EAD expires on 8/16/07. There are 5 days disconnect between 2nd and 3rd EADs. Is that a problem for employment continuity? If so, please advise me. Any one came across of this situation? Pls post your...
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    Travel to India while 485 pending

    I am going to India on Feb 22. My current status is 485 pending, with approved 2nd EAD, 2nd Adavanced Parole. current EAD and Advanced Paroles were approved when I was with old employer. I changed my employer (who originally filed 485 for me) recently. I don't have valid US visa. My flight...
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    changing job while 485 pending - need guidance

    I got my 2nd EAD and 485 has been pending for over 13 months. I am planning to change employment, is it safe to switch employer? Does the new emplyer need to support my existing GC process? What else I have to do? Please let me know complete process. Thanks in advance.
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    Is VSC stopped processing I-485 applications??? Click on the above url. I don't see 485 section in VSC. What does this mean? Is VSC stopped processing I-485s? Experts, any comments on this? Please share your thoughts.
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    Is VSC stopped processing I-485 applications??? Click on the above url. I don't see 485 section in VSC. What does this mean? Is VSC stopped processing I-485s? Experts, any comments on this? Please share your thoughts.
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    All new EAD/AP rfe/pending/approvals, use this link

    Hello gururs, I opened this new thread for all new EAD/AP related issues(pending/rfe/approval case updates). Kindly use this thread to update your concerns, approvals etc. How is the approvals trend at VSC? Are they approving EADs within 2 to 3 months? Please refer my signature on my...