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    Case I 129 status changed after 2 yrs

    Did you get the H1 approval on 09/2006? Lot of companies are revoking the earlier H1s. This is due the kind of RFEs produced by the CSC. Check with your company.
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    Employer Acquisition - question

    Not necessarily sending an AC-21 letter protects you against employer revocation of I-140. Whether you are sending the documentation or not you are using AC-21. Company fear and all other things are your assumptions do not matter legally.
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    My case is specical...can I get my I-485 approved in future?

    When you filed H1 what was your status? Did you mention that you are working on EAD while applying for the H1?
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    Employer Acquisition - question

    If you are moving to another state or location which is not mentioned on the original LC I will suggest to use the AC-21. If you are not doing that then you may have to amend the I-140 which is more complicated.
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    What happens to I-140 and I-485 if the company sponsoring goes bankrupt?

    Usually it should not be a problem. Even if the company is in chapter 11 they need to run the business. My I140 was applied/approved while company was going through bankruptcy process. Problem only come if the company goes out of the business since you do not have a job offer..
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    If employer under pay

    So this means you are not on the H1 and you are talking about green card LC salary. He has to comply to that salary only once the green card is approved. However you are eligible to get the Ac-21 benefits. So you can change the job onto second employer. If it was LCA(H1) salary the situation...
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    Prevailing wage issue

    If that position is not avilable whole green card is gone.
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    Comming to US on H4, Primary has entered on AP

    If the Cronin Memo requires you reapply H1, apply for the H1 and get it done. Since your spouse is going to apply for I-485 her status and entry needs be very clear.
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    485 case transferred to local office for processing

    Case Status will not updated once it is transferred to a Local office. Usually they call you for Interview when date is current but not always.
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    I-140 revoked by future employer.

    Taking the employment letter from Y may screw up the things. Once the I-140 is revoked the process has to restart for the company Y. Once revoked it is difficult to go back. Best thing would be getting the letter from Z and show as your Ac-21 employer. Believe me it is my personal experience.
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    I-485 RFE - Job Title differs

    I-485 application does not have Job title column. New title should be the part of the employment letter provided with the I-485. Check what he says If they can issue an explaination as Number30 said it may work.
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    H1B and AP

    All the I-94 numbers between one entry and one exit will be same. In theory even if you surrender one All should get updated.
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    AED expiring i am still didn't receive green card!

    Yes You need to apply for EAD renewal now. Without that you cannot work unless you have H1 or L1 ? What is current status?
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    AR11/EAD/Name Change - Please advise

    AR-11 and EAD are two different animals. I would be only concerned about missing the EAD because of address change. Other then that it does not matter. Give the proper address on EAD application to receive it.
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    When can a 485 approval expected

    yes He needs to wait until his priority date becomes current.
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    Can I go for my H1 Renewal?

    Per Sheela Murthy You need to file the H1 once you are back. Then only you will go back H1. Otherwise you are parole.
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    H-1B extension while I-485 pending

    If you have I-140 or LC is pending for more then year seventh year extension can be applied ant time before the expiry of the current H1. You cannot do that on the bases of spouse LC or I-140. It should be your own For anybody as long as I-485 is pending the status is adjustee or Pending AOS
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    Rfe On Spouce I-485

    Did you submit the Marriage certificate along spouse application? Marriage certificate, Marriage photos, Bank statements, Leasing agreements, Health Insurance papers. Submit documents to show that you are together since the marriage.
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    AP pending, wife left to India on family urgency

    In worst case he can do a follow to join. No need to wait until becoming a citizen. He has married prior to his green card approval I would say Ask her to come back on the Advance parole. I have seen many people entering with advance parole which was approved after they left US. POE...
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    Valid H1 and travelling

    Better to Go local office and have files megred.