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  1. vikipilenche

    Life in the UK test how hard is it?

    You should pass it fine - two things read the questions carefully and second practice, practice, practice - for example go to and do all 30 tests again and again until you can get 20/24+ each time. If you can do this you will easily pass.
  2. vikipilenche

    prevailing wage determination times

    Sorry and usual max is 60 days - how long have you waited?
  3. vikipilenche

    prevailing wage determination times

    Mostly it is received in 45 days
  4. vikipilenche

    How long are you allowed to volunteer in the US with a tourist visa?

    I think the visa is valid for 90 days.
  5. vikipilenche

    is life in the uk test required for ilr

    You need to pass the test under most circumstances for irl - is that what you mean?