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    July'05 - Plastic Card Tracker

    Hi, Srichalam and P-Card, Do your online message or LUD always change when any action taken on your case, such as FP, Name Check etc? Did you receive any email for each LUD or online message changing? Answers always are NO in my case. Should I assume no action taken on my case? When your...
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    Another email from FBI NNCP, different template now!

    Hi, Slt, Would you mind telling me the template you wrote to FBI? I faxed a FOIPA request to FBI and received their response in mail after two weeks. However, the letter said: 'Request No.: 1234567-123 Subject: xxx xxx Dear Mr. XXX This is in response to your Freedom of...
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    Is your I-485 A# the same as the A# that you have before?

    They are different They are different numbers. The so-called A# on your OPT EAD card is not the real A# for immigration application. Usually the number on OPT EAD is A# 1xx-xxx-xxx However, the real immigration A# should be A0xx-xxx-xxx It is recommended to put all the numbers you have...
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    What is MTR? Please help after EB-1EA denial

    Sorry, I cannot help on this topic. You'd better bring your materials to lawyers and they can help you out. It depends on where you are. There are some good lawyers in different states. Find the reliable lawyer with good reputation.
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    I-140 NIW Approved at VSC

    Thanks, Weakunix! Thanks a lot! :p
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    I-140 NIW Approved at VSC

    Help pls: ETA 750B form I am in the same situation - Self petition NIW and was recently requested by INS to provide ETA 750B form. My question is: should I attach the certificates, publications, citations and awards again in order to answer item 12~14 on ETA 750B form or just mail back the...
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    about ETA750

    Co-ask: ETA-750 form In item 12~14, do we need to supply extra additional docs or can submit with I-140 application materials? :eek: Your answer will be greatly appreciated!
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    NIW I140/485,vermont Dec,2002

    Almost the same situation but I still have no reponse yet. Would you mind sharing the number to call and their email address? Should I ask them about my case status or to complain their slow processing to certain department? Thanks!