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    Track CSC I-140 EB2

    I-140 WAC-01-257-***** Still waiting Called IIO Here are my details EB3 (India) PD - 03/01 I-140 WAC-01-257-***** ND - 08/14/01 Still waiting I called up the CSC and spoke to an IIO. She asked my case no and after a few minutes told me that she would not reveal the status to me...
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    Need Help - Lost Job

    Going at the present rate of adjudications, i don\'t think ur date will come before Aug-Sept 2002. by when ur 180 days would have been over. So a good thing to do is to search for an alternate job and work with EAD. But the better thing is to see if u can somehow stick on with the current...
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    Need an Advice, Received "RFE" today !!!!!!!!!!!!

    DE6 is a form is to be submitted with the state labour dept EDD by the employer This is to done every quarter and declares the individual employees of the company and the respective salaries they were paid every month during the quarter.
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    Is RFE a common situation now?

    As per whatever i heard, less than 10% get RFE and mostly it\'s random  
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    Got my emergency AP approved today. RD 7/27; Wac-01-277-***

    I hope that ur dad will become well soon.  
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    urgent! transfer job and salary issue!

    To my knowledge, no minimum salary is mentioned in the LCA directly I guess u have to specify ur current salary at the time of filing ur LCA. But that is not the one u have to be paid necessarily throughout. This is totally different from the minimum salary. On ur LCA approval, the officer...
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    Spoke to IIO

    Don\'t worry This is a very common reply. ur approval is on its way. I have seen a lot of postings where they have received such replies from IIO and their cases have been approved shortly after that
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    Early fingerprint at OAKLAND?

    The best thing is do ur FP at San jose straightaway as lots of folks have done  
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    Feb 2002 CSC 485 filers Please post info

    My attorney told me that it was mailed on 01/28/2002 but the mail room guys at INS may have screwed it up. I have seen a few cases of last year where the difference between MD and RD itself was 20-25 days. But we have to curse our fate for all these things. There is no other alternative i guess.
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    Feb 2002 CSC 485 filers Please post info

    I guess people get FP notices depending on the location. If we are from Oakland or San Hose, its going to be delayed quite a bit atleast 3-4 months from now is my estimate
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    Feb 2002 CSC 485 filers Please post info

    My 485 MD/RD/ND details Received the copies of receipt notices of 485/EAD/AP of myself and my spouse from my attorney today. MD - 01/28/2002 RD - 02/27/2002 ND - 03/05/2002 One thing which appears painful in this is the difference between mailing date and receipt date which is a month. Is...
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    JIT Moved ahead

    No Title This may be a printing mistake of the html editor or something like that
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    hi..rfe for birth certificates?

    i have seen quite a few approvals with birth certificate from the Indian consulate in SFO. I guess u  
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    URGENT Pl help

    Your I-140 is not transferable and cannot be used for any other employees. Only Labor certification is transferable.
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    Employment Letter question .....

    I guess quite a few people are in the same situation as yours. As far as i know, there is no rule which states that you should be getting the same salary throughout ur GC process. Your LCA would have been approved under a specific job category. As long as ur salary does not fall below the...
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    If you leave country on H4 can you enter back

    I guess u can do that and ur spouse should be in U.S. on the date the attorney\'s office mail ur 485. she specifically told me that the spouse need not wait till the receipt is received. i got this info from my attorney. so i guess it\'s authentic. I guess u can come back on AP, even if u had...
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    Initiation, wait, frustrations, psychological breakdowns and relaxation

    No Title Enjoy your hard won permanent residency. It should have been really painful for the last 6 years. Now you can make up for last time.
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    Salary Issue for Adjustment of Status....Pls Help

    No Title There are two things. One is the salary u were getting at the time of filing ur LC say 80 K per annum. At that time, the prevailing wage was 50 K per annum for the job with the specific Occupational classification code as mentioned in the LC approval which u would have got. So my...
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    Pay stubs and W-2 forms

    Pay stubs and W2 \'s are not mandatory to be filed with 485.  
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    485 Processing stopped at CSC till Nov

    Dont believe any of these rumors of processing stopped bull shit. A few sadists are simply playing on people\'s minds. that\'s all. so don\'t give any attention whatsoever to all these rumors which are capable of destroying minds and making already tired souls more miserable