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    Name changed during naturalization... has anyone got a stamp behind the USC certification?

    Hi Anyone have got a stamp on the back of US Citizenship certificate while changing name during naturalization? please advice. My wife applied changed her last name during N400 process and while applying for OCI, Travisa is asking for Name Change Document - Missing Please provide an...
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    URGENT - Spouse last name changed during naturalization and OCI processing issue.

    Sorry... I did not get any responses from the OCI forum hence posting it here to get some suggestions. Hi, Spouse changed her last name changed during US Citizenship naturalization and applied for OCI. Application is on hold for... "Name Change Document - Missing Please provide an...
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    URGENT - Spouse last name changed during naturalization and OCI processing issue.

    Hi, Spouse changed her last name changed during US Citizenship naturalization and applied for OCI. Application is on hold for... "Name Change Document - Missing Please provide an official document detailing your change of name. Acceptable documents include a court order, a stamp on the...
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    Need help with filing with OCI + Renunciation.

    Hi Gurus, I'm filing OCI + Renunciation of Indian Citizenship (combined) for Spouse and Self at TRAVISA - SFO. My questions are: 1) Do you need to submit seperate Travisa Order form for Renunciation? I selected the option of renunciation along with OCI application. 2) What is self...
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    How long is it taking to get the US Passport.

    Hello, Can anyone of you gurus share their experience of how long is it taking to get the US Passport with regular processing. My spouse and I submitted our passport applications on Sept 27th for the 4-6 week processing and now she wants to travel to India by the end of Oct. Kind of stuck...
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    Happy Day! Became an US Citizen.

    All, Today is an milestone day in my life. I became an US Citizen exactly at 10:22AM on Sept 5th 2012. I thank all the forum members who have provided insights, suggestions and supported me all the way from my Green Card days to Citizenship. This is a fantastic forum with lot of ‘kind...
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    Interview experience at SFO – DO and some good to know points.

    Had a successful N400 interview at SFO-DO and wanted to let users know couple of points. 1. Always carry your Driver’s License or state issued ID for the interview… right from entering the building to Immigration interview the ID was being requested. My wife has an habit of not carrying her...
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    Pros and Cons for asking to reschedule N400 interview.

    Hello All, My N400 interview is scheduled for Aug 02, '12 at the San Francisco office. However, my wife's N400 is scheduled for a different date of Aug 06, '12 even though our applications were submitted together and submitted Fingerprints sameday. I was planning to call USCIS to re-schedule...
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    Second Fingerprinting notice confusion

    Hi, On June 5th ’12 raised a ticket with the USCIS for not receiving Finger print notification and the very next day my status was updated for FP sent and today was the appointment day. Just finished fingerprinting and returned, checked the status online and they seem to have sent second FP...
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    USCIS phone number to request fingerprint.

    It has been 42 days since I filed my N400 application and have not received my fingerprint notification. Could one of you please give me the contact nubmer to call and request for a fingerprinting notice. I'm travelling out of country in July and want to finish fingerprinting before my journey...
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    PAUSE US Citizenship process?

    Friends, I have an impending travel that came up just today and need to travel out of the country for 3-4 weeks in July 2012. I applied for US Citizenship end of april (please see signature details) and not yet received the FP appointment. Looking at the timeline I'm scared it is during...
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    N400 applied - did NOT disclose my former employee suing company including me.

    Hi, Looks like I messed up!!! I filed for my N400 on 4/23 (early filing, GC obtained 07/11/2007). I work for a big company in California and we fired one of our team member for poor performance in Oct. 2011. In Dec. 2011 the fired employee is suing my company and me (since I was manager)...
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    Applying Citizenship in July 2012, former employee suing.

    Hi, My GC was approved in July 2007 and planning to file Citizenship in July 2012. However our company fired one of my team member for poor performance and this person is suing us(me, my boss and his super boss). I'm sure this case will go on beyond July 2012 and I want to learn what will be...
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    Phone number to contact NSC

    Could one of you please give me the phone number to Contact NSC... I need the 1 800 number plus the sequence to enter to speak to an immigration officer. TIA.
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    URGENT: Advice required for AP issue.

    Friends, This is for my cousin and not me, but need your advice if you have been through similar situation. My cousin is currently in India and has a AP valid upto to Dec 14, 2007 but has already applied for renewal in Oct. '07 which is not yet approved. The attorney recomends that he...
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    How much will a misdemeanor - Criminal case impact our future citizenship process.

    My wife met with an accident and she was at fault. She stopped to exchange the insurance information but did not find anyone approaching her and was getting late to drop the kid off to school (less than half-mile away from the accident spot) and left to the accident spot. However in the mean...
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    Physical Approval Letter, Plastic Cards receipt tracker - Please post your details.

    Friends, Creating this thread to track the receipt of physical Approval Notice, Green Cards after I-485 approval. Please update your info in the attached sheet. TIA CaliGC
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    GCs for Spouse and self APPROVED today!!!

    Friends, I'm immensely happy to convey you all that our GC applications got approved today and the message is as follows. At 7:00 AM today Receipt Number: EAC05xxx Application Type: I485 , APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS Current Status: Card production...
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    LUD for I-485, PD becomes current on July 1st.

    Friends, I saw a LUD on our I-485 (Spouse and self) with NO message change. I wonder what is cooking? Our PD is becoming current on July 1st, 2007. Did any of you see the same please reply.. TIA.
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    1485 filed Nov. 04; PD - July. 04 (EB3 India), Can I work on 1099?

    Gurus, Here is my case... My I485 filed in Nov. 2004 with PD July 2004 with EB3 - India. I'm working on EAD since March 2006... I have a very stable project with a good billing rate, however there are two layers in between... I was considering if I could eliminate my I485 sponsoring...