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    Name check

    Can somebody shed some light on the "name check" process. 1. Is it done with FP or is it an independant process? 2. Is it a bottle-neck typically ? 3. Is the status/result of name check updated on online case status? Thanks in advance. ------------------------------------------ EB2...
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    485th day today

    Today is a ignominious day in my GC saga. While the status on the website for my I-140 says "It is taking between 90 and 485 days for us to process this kind of case", today is the 485th day since my I-140 was received by USCIS and no action has been taken on it yet. There have been a couple of...
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    Obtaining German transit visa in India

    Has anbody had any recent experiences obtaining a German transit visa from India in general or Madras in particular. How long does it take? My H-1 has expired but my AP has been approved. However I am yet to physically receive the AP and may not have time to apply for the tranist visa before...
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    AP based entry (no valid stamped visa) experiences

    I would like to solicit expereinces from folks who have entered the US with AP (with no valid stamped visa). I will be traveling in March and would like to know if one is expected to produce original I-485, I-140 receipt notices or any other document(s), other then the AP itself. I heard of a...