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    Any good immigration attorney/lawyer in the Sacramento or San Francisco area?

    Hi, I want to apply for EB1 and I looking for a good immigration attorney/lawyer in Sacramento or San Francisco area. When I look on the internet I get big list and it become hard to find good out of the list. Thanks, Kavitha
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    Got I-140 with my old employer, Can I get make use of this?

    Hi All, I got my I-140 with a old empoyer and I changes my employer in May. Can I make use of the I-140? I H1-B with old employer is period will end in September. Please let me know if I can make use of I-140 any way. Thanks in advance for your suggetions!!. Kavitha.
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    H1 Transfer and Extension?

    Hi All, I am applying for H1 transfer. My H1-B is going to end on 07th Sep 08 of the first 3 years. Do I need to transfer as well as apply for my extension? Or if I transfer is that fine? If my H1-B is going to end on 07th Sep 08 which is good time for H1-B extension? Please let me...
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    H1 Transfer from CAP -> NON-CAP (Academic) -> CAP ?

    Hi All, I want to transfer my H1 from Company A to university. Currently I hold H1-B under CAP under Masters Degree. I can easily get transfered to University. My question is if I want to transfer from University to say Company B later on in future is it possible for H1 transfer from...
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    Transfer H1 when I-140 pending????

    Hi All, My I-140 status with Company A is pending. I want to change Company A to B. Is it possible to change the employer at this stage of I-140? If the answer is YES, is it possible to have my I-140 transfered too ? Thanks in advance, Kind Regards, Kavitha
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    H1 Transfer

    Hi All, I am currently working for Employer A and got a offer from Employer B which is a university. If I tranfer my H1-B visa from A to B will my tranfer still be under qoute or will it be out of quote as Employer B is a university?. Please share your thought about it. Also a)Under...
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    I-140 Employer Change

    Hi All, I am currently working with Employer A and got a job offer from Employer B which a university. Employer A filled for my GC the end of last year. My LC was approved and I am in the process of I-140 with the current employer. My question is if I change from A to B will I lose...
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    Pay Check run during off period for green card ?

    Hi All, I am on H1 B. I am applying for I-140. I have a question regarding pay check/salary. I work on contract bases at client sites. My current assignment with client is going to end in Dec. I am planning to visit India and spend time there for 2 -3 months. During the period when I...
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    Applying for Waiver

    Hi All, I am on J1 Visa and planning to apply for Waiver. Can I travel to India to visit after I get my waiver. Or will I have to take waiver once again after I come back. I mean does that waiver get cancelled. Please advice, Thanks in advance, Regards, Kavitha
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    Processing dates

    Hi, I want to start my green card processing now. I need some guidence and advice. I have done my master(2005, May) and doing job (Since 2005, July). All of us know that green card processing dates are moved to current. If I start labour process now, it may take around 4 to 5 months...
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    What sort of awards are considered as one of the criteria?

    Hi, I am fairly new to this fgroup and I would really appreciate if some one can help me with my question. I have few awards or distinctions like 1) State merit schoarship for intermediate 10+2 (India) 2) Gold medal in my bacheors degree (India) 3) Junior Research Felowship Masters and...