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    LUD after almost 1 year- what is that mean?

    I called them hoping to hear some good news but it was invain. The lady at the line told me that they are still doing background check. My Backgroud check is pending since october 2003. Any wasy I asked her about the LUD, She looked into and told me that it was changed because they updated by...
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    Seems it not the name checks which is holding cases?

    Security Check Guys, I am also on the same boat as all of you, I talk to the lady in Vermont Service Center, She told me that my FBI name check is cleared but its waiting on internal name check and she can not give me any definite timeframe as when it can be expected to be done. Can someone...
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    name check question

    Hi Gam, This is what I thinki is right assumption, but in my case I had apportunity to talk to an agent at VSC and she told me that Security/Name check gets initiated after PF. What you said make more sence as they are sitting on my I 485 since 08/06/2003. B.T.W how did you find out that you...
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    Anyone did concurrent filing at VSC 2005?????????

    PF for I485 in VSC Our PF was done on 06/08/2005, We have not heard anything back from VSC, Does any one have idea how long its taking VSC after PF to get 485 approved. In Texas I have seen people getting it in less than a month.
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    Phone call and LUD

    Thanks, I could get to the representative in TSC because my case number starts with SRC, I am not sure how get hold of VSC becuase at TSC the lady says she can not help me because my case is transferred to VSC. The funny thing is that I am still working for same company residing in TSC...
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    Phone call and LUD

    Where did you got the VSC's phone number from ? I really need to contact them as my case is messed up, They transferred my case from TSC to VSC although I am still working for the same company. If you can give me the VSC contact number it will a huge help for me. Thanks.
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    Strange case transfer to Local INS

    My I485 was transferred to VSC from TSC after I-140 approved in TSC, I had second PF and have'nt heard anything back from VSC after PF.