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    Please Post Your Approvals Here

    I-485 Approved, finally Hi, Guys, my 485 is finally approved: I have been a silence viewer for many years of this forum. Here was my long journey. PD: 05/31/2001 i-485 RD: 10/09/2003, EB2 1st finger print in Nov 2004. Stuck in FBI name check. Contacted all kinds of people. but...
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    Anybody called VSC recently for inquiry??

    Anybody called the standard number 800-375-5283? I got message of "due to temporary system error.... blah blah blah" and never be able to get in touch with an officer...
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    Anybody know any information about..September 2003..fillers

    Same here, My 485 ND was 10/09/2003, FP did in Nov, 2004, but nothing since then.. I tried to call USCIS today but got response saying "duing to system problem, we can not access your case" blah blah blah... but can not get into an officer, Do you guys have this problem?