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    Cannot find I-485 case on USCIS web??

    Phone System Couldn't find Case I can see my case in the web, Phone system couldn't find my case # any one has this Issue?
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    CSC 485 RFE Tracker

    485 Medicals Rfe Do you how long it will take after responding to 485 Medical Rfe?
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    I - 485 CSC Rfe Tracker

    Please Post your Ref details here...
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    Rfe I called 949 number I got an RFE? I don't know the details... :(
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    Detail Review I called CSC, One Indian lady got my call told me that Handful cases were sent to FBI detail review, based on random pick. It may take 6 months to complete the review. SHe was very polite... There is no way anything can be done. :confused: : :(
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    NO UPDATES from UCSI My LUD changed on 10/27, No LUD change since then.... Aany one in the same boat?
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    My LUD is Not changed ?? My LUD last change date is 10/27. LUD change dosen't mean anything.
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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    Checking LUD How to Check The LUD for Case? I am new