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    i know its wrong

    Preferably directed to the consulate .
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    i know its wrong

    They sure can..Get a letter from the doctor though. My mom got her emergency visitor visa (that was about 9yrs back though) based on a medical emergency I had. Interviewers will understand.
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    What does this message means?

    I think that is a normal update after the FP , may be it means that they sent the FP to FBI. I had the same message after my 2nd FP on Friday, for both me and my spouse. The current status says that Current Status: This case has been sent to another office for processing. But the message...
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    Called TCO Today

    You are right techbuyer.. I was feeling depressed about this gc crap too... But hell ya..that is not the end of life.. Even if i have to go back to india , that is not the end of the world.. I am way well off compared to the days when 6 of us were jammed into a stinky lodge room in...
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    VSC-TSC 15th March ...I am still not approved...

    Count me in too....It is a never ending pain in the neck.. No 2nd FP either.. Today i just filled all the paperwork for 5th ead/ap renewal , i am sick and tired of this whole crap.. When will this end..???
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    Can Dependent I485 application approved before primary?

    well...after all it's USCIS..what do you expect?
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    Any approvals with expired Finger Print?

    NC and FP are not direclty related , both are part of a 3 point background check FBI NC , FBI FP , and IBIS NC. Out of this , FBI NC , is done only once for an application , and has lifelong validity for that particular application and 15 month validity for any other application filed for the...
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    Stuck in Namecheck

    Count me in the background check/namecheck hell as well. Got to know abt it in the infopass last week. Don't know exactly when they initiated it , or is it definitely name check IO said , it is pending in background check and only fbi will know the status/why it is pending etc..
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    hey ma_labor, ur case is one that i watch closely..very similar dates..
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    congrats csatg, btw had you got second FP or not?
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    my EAD was filed on July 21st (RD) and July 27th(ND) 06 and was pending till now. Today morning we went to the Boston office , and the officer there put in an expedite request by email and i got an email in the afternoon saying that the case has been approved.
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    try writing to the ombudsman office
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    I think FP is mandatory , if this is your first EAD , but for renewal i don't think it is mandatory..I have many of my collegues who got renewals approved without doing biometrics again.
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    vingc, Did you try calling uscis or book an infopass appointment to see what is going on? I called uscis by my receipt date july 21st (my ND is 27th). The customer rep said that they go by ND , and they are processing july 25th and my case is in the normal processing time.. So i am planning...
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    EAD filed in JUly/Aug Anybody filed in July/Aug time frame still waiting? VSC? My ND is July 27th and no news till now Please let me know if anyone else is in the same boat
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    You should be able to get the Emergency AP from the local field office , as far as i know.I know a couple of people who had done it , but that was about a yr ago. Try to schedule an info pass if it is available, or just walk in there with a letter explaining the condition preferably from a...
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    u should call uscis , if your ND is 30 days prior to what they say they are currently prcoessing has the dates that they are currently processing
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    I am waiting for my 4 th EAD/AP VSC July 27th ,2006 ND for both I485(June XX 04) EB3 Priority date of 26 Aug 2002
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    2004 Consolidated Tracker ONLY (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    Nothing to do now man.. Just wait..Keep renewing your EAD/AP well in advance , i would advice 4-5 months in advance..That's all that we can do until the date becomes current again.
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    Let's hire a lawyer and fight back ? October 2005.

    Please write to your congressman , is how Respected Sir, I am a resident of XXX for past X years. I am a Software Engineer working in USA for past X years or so. I am currently in the process of obtaining my green...