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    tombaan is that you i found the link to this site from indiancricket. good one take care
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    I-485 Medical issue - need urgent help!

    wow maan you are unstopable :eek: :confused: :p
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    December 03 EB-4 Case Approved Today

    prince the ass ur commenst are so Asinine. grow up
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    May 2002 ---- Approved

    congrats good to see an older approval among all this 2003 2004 approvals
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    Wife And Advance Parole Problem, Need Advice

    i dont know once can be a mistake but twice...there are instances they have deported people for smaller crimes. Shoplifting is a serious offence ..maybe your wife needs counselling
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    TSC is on fire!!! -- 679 cases (I-485) approved just in three weeks!!!!

    who the fCK cares for the approval if all they approve are 2003 cases
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    MAY 02 Filers Keep This Thread Alive

    sucks all dates but may 02 has any activity. even new fps are for dates after may :eek: :mad: :mad: :mad: :confused:
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    March 2002

    that is sad 2001 cases and early 2002 still out while fcking 2003 are being approved :mad: :(
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    1st FP recvd

    Mr.irving did you do anything ? Like fax etc
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    PPL who are getting FP and posting, plz also share online Status

    guys did the online message change for your fps
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    good english speaking courses in pakistan :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :p
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    How many cases are older than 22 April 02 ?

    curious ur counted in man. So what does this do now? :D
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    may 02

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    How many cases are older than 22 April 02 ?

    any jan feb 02 cASES :( :mad:
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    FP notice not received for spouse

    details please also did the fp arrive at your residence did the online message change? DOnt worry the papers should be coming shortly for all? also call up the number and ask them the reasons
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    News about Backlog reduction

    it is for labor and not 485
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    Please Help!!!

    dear doe oct 02 is a long way away. there are people here from jan and feb 02 who have not recvd their fp.... :eek:
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    may 02

    yeah it is a long wait it is shocking to see all recent candidates get approved out of turn while old farts are still waiting