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    After I-130; how long can one wait before CP?

    How long can one wait after the I-130 gets approved to file for consular processing? How long can one wait before the application (I-130) is considered abandoned. I want to get the formalities completed (before the fee increase); but my parents are not ready to move to the US just yet.
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    CP Cost

    I was trying to determine the total cost involved for CP and checked the different forms (I864, DS230, DS 3032 - all have $0 app proc fee). Anyone know how much is the total cost involved if one chooses CP. In 485 route it looks pretty straightforward - $195 for I130 and $395 (plus $70) for...
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    Do we wait for US PP to arrive before applying for OCI?

    I believe the US passport is taking 2 months to process. My question is - once I get the Naturalization certi; can I apply for OCI at that point rather than applying for US PP, waiting for it to come and then applying for OCI. Thanks!
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    No Ack to N400 application

    I mailed out my N-400 application to CSC on 02/27 (regular USPS mail). The checks were cashed on 03/08; however, I have not received any acknowledgement (Priority date etc) till now. It has been about 17 days since the application was mailed and about 9 days since the checks were cashed. Is this...
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    DUI dismissed case

    I got charged with a DUI about 7 years ago - however the case got dismissed because the reason for stopping me was invalid. The case got dropped. a) Do you feel that I should hire a lawyer b) Do I need to get anything to prove that the case got dismissed (doubt if I have any such thing...
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    layoff 2 months after 485 approval

    My 485 got approved in May - are there any issues that anyone is aware of that could jeoparidize the GC? I still don't have the physical card yet (only stamp on PP). Also, I am planning to file for unemployment. Any help would be appreciated.
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    After PP stamping, what??

    Hello - my 485 got approved last month and I have my PP stamped with the temporary green card stamp. My plastic card is still not with me. Do I need to get my new SSN card because the previous one says \'Valid to work only with INS authorization\' (or something rephrased along those lines)...