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    Stamping in Fairfax...smooth

    hi all, Finished stamping both mine and spouses stamping in fairfax. The process is very smooth. First of all ..getting an appointment is the tricky part. I tried at all times.. however if you try exactly at 6 in the evening or a minute after 6 may get it.. I got it twice at that time...
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    485 approved!!

    hi, Finally today i got the magic email..This case has been approved.. its been a long wait and i had jumped employer before 140 was approved. In the end it worked out. My ND for 140/485 was oct1st 2003. 140 was approved jan 24th 2005 and now after i made an enquiry 485 was approved today...
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    Need some advice

    hi, My 140 (ND oct 1 2003) was approved in jan 2004.. however the approval notice was returned to the CIS on feb 17th cause my employers address has my attorney called the CIS and updated the employers address on March 11th 2005. I still havent seen the approval being
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    Please advice..AC21 question

    hi i need some advice..My 140 was finally approved..i had changed employers prior to the risk paid off.. Now my question is: If i file for AC21 thru my current employer as my 140 is approved and > 180 days for 485 does the title really have to match..i have read as that as long...
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    heeeeha 140 Approved

    hi everybody, I got the magic emails today...Finally after the gruesome wait my 140 has been approved today... So the risk i took of changing employers before 140 approval paid off...hopefully wont bite me in the 485 stage.... thank you ALL for all the valuable information..I would like to...
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    Educational Assessment..please help

    hi, I have an rfe on my 140 for Education assessment..My labour requires a bachelor's degree and the major field of study is IT or related field. If i can show i have a Master's in IT (US equivalent) will it suffice or is it necessary to prove my bachelor's is IT related..My bachelor's is in...
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    EAD returned by Post advice

    hi , My EAD was returned back by the post office even thought my address hasnt wife's EAD was delivered.Today i get a email: On October 12, 2004, the card or document we had mailed to the applicant was returned by the post office because they could not deliver it. To update your...
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    FP NOTICE ND:OCT1st 2003

    hi, Finally some movement on my case! a FP notice for 10/27/2004. My ND is oct 1st 2003..and sometime back my 485 LUD changed twice in a i guess they are issuing FP notices for oct 2003 cases now..
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    Anybody got this message?

    when i log into my account..i get this message now...been checking regularly never got this message..any idea what this means... Status for this Receipt Number cannot be found at this time in this automated system. Please check your case receipt number to see if it is correct. If you have...
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    job title for ac-21

    Can the job title be senior software engg instead of systems analyst if the job description matches to invoke ac-21?...considering that the job description matches hope that job title will not matter..please advice.. thanks
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    More immigration stuff
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    h1 while on toursit visa

    hi all, I have a question for my friend..she came here last year on a toursit visa( 6 months)..then before it expired she got a h1 filed. Her tourist visa expired and subsequently she got a recipt notice for h1 and eventually the h1 approval. she has NOT left the country and not got her h1...
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    Name different in H1 and passport

    hello all, One of my friend has a issue with her name on the H1. Her full name on the passport does not match the name on the h1..(some small differnce)..hence the DMV has denied her a driving licence,,, Is there a way to get this corrected?? if so what is the procedure? and also can she get...
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    Please advice

    Hi, Recently EAD was approved for me and my wife.My I-140/485 is pending. If my wife takes up a job i know she will loose h4 status..My question is if my I-140 is denied can she get back to h4 status?? OR if she leaves the job can she remain on AOS status?? In short is there any risk for her...
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    Spouse Status

    Hi, I just wanted to know what happens if my spouse takes up a JOb on EAD with my I-140 and our 485 pending.. She is currently on H4 and i am still on H1 (not used my EAD)..I think she will be ..under AOS status..but what happens if she leaves the Job?? will she be automatically considered to...
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    hi all, i need some advice... i filed for I-140/485/EAD concurrently..EB3..notice date Oct1, EAD was approved on Nov 28, 2003. Now my client is asking me to join the company.. i know even though 180 days is not up and my I-140 is not approved, i am hearing that some people have...
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    HI Revalidation after ND

    HI all, I know its slightly different question..nevetherless Please help Basically i want to find out if i have to get my H1 revalidated here.. My H1 B visa expired on nov2002 and was subsequently renewed by my company. Meanwhile i applied for I-140,495 and EAD concurrently sept 30...