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    Application moved to NBC/Local Office - Not working Full Time

    Hi Attorney, Can someone please guide me in what direction or steps do I need to take in my situation. My Situation: Dentist working in a Non-Profit organization for 4yrs. EB3 PD: Aug 2006 LC - Approved 140 - Approved 485 - Filed Aug 2007 485 RFE for EVL - Submitted. EAD (2yr) and...
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    What do I qualify for - EB2 OR EB3?

    Hi, Appreciate if someone could please guide me in what category I can qualify. I am a dentist from India and working on a limited license (performing all the duties but only in hospitals). with BDS from India. Please suggest in what category I can qualify. Is it EB2 or EB3. My...
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    Gurus - Please suggest - Dentist LC

    Hi Great Guru, I am a dentist from India. I recently applied LC under EB2 by my attorney. Now my attorney states that I might have problem during I140. Can you please suggest me what course of action can i take. He is also suggesting that I might have to file I140 under EB3. Please...
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    Dentist - LC

    Hi Great Guru, I am a dentist from India, but currently working in a healthcenter under Limited License, which is given by the state dental board for foreign-trained dentists to practise, but only in health centers and education centers and need to renew every year. I recently applied LC...
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    Prevailing wages for 2005 and 2006

    Hi, I am a dentist working in boston area. I got my H1 approved in May 2005 and I am in the process of filing my GC. I would like to know if someone can help me find some information on getting the prevailing wages (entry level) for 2005 and 2006. Thank you very much for any help. regards