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    H1b validity after employer change

    Hi, I am on H1B and changed my employer a year ago. My passport has visa stamping of my previous employer. Can I now leave the US and then come back on the old visa? Or, do I need to again get the H1B visa restamped showing the new employer's name? Thanks!
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    OPT H1 doubt

    Is your H1B approved? If yes, then your status must have shifted to H1B from October 2007. This is what happened in my case.
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    F1 H4 Issue

    Hi, I am currently on H1 for the last 2.5 years. My wife is on H4 and has secured admission in a US University for Master's. As she doesn't have any funding approved from the University, we are thinking of studying for the first semester on H4, as we might get discount for in-state tuition and...
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    H4 to F1, Also GC Issue

    Hello, I am on H1B and my wife is on H4 visa. Now she plans to do her M.S. with funding from a professor. For that she must tranfer to F1 visa from H4. I have a few questions: 1. How long does it take for change of visa from H4 to F1? 2. If my wife goes on F1 and say, after a year my...
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    H4 to F-1

    Hello, My wife is currently on H4 visa. She plans to do M.S. with funding from the university, as a research associate. To get funding, I think you need to be on F-1 visa. Can someone please tell me how I can go ahead to get F-1 for her from H-4? Will there be any issue? I remember that while...
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    HELP~ Anyone know if more quota is coming for this fiscal year 2007

    I think you are a student, as you talked about your OPT running out. For all students that did M.S. or PhD, there is an additional 20,000 visa quotas. So, I would recommend that you do a bit investigation about it.
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    Visa Stamping Problem

    Hi, The stamped visa on my passport is F1. I graduated in March 2004 and from october this year I am on H1. But the new H1 visa is not stamped on my passport as I haven't visited India after getting the visa. I do have the new I-94 with H1 visa. Now, my company wants me to go to London for...
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    This is a li'l tough situation. I read some arguments, and all are correct. The situation in IT is not at all good here, even for experienced people. All have started working as contractors. Just last week my company opened a new branch in India to ship all IT work there and not even hire...
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    Consultant Problem

    Hi, I am working with a company as a contractor. My contracting company got my visa transferred from F1 to H1. Hence, I am on H1 visa from October onwards. Now, I have got a permanent job in other company in November and they also got my H1 visa transferred. However, my consultant is now...
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    H-1B Transfer to Company B - What documents needed?

    The H1B for UIniversity is different from that of a company. Its a different ballgame as university H1 b doesnt come in the quota and cant be transferred to a company. You may want to ask more people.
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    H1 Transfer

    Hi, I started working as a contractor for a company on my OPT, which I got after completing my master's degree. The OPT expires in Jan 2005. I also got my H1B approved, starting from Oct 2004 expiring Sep 2007. So, presently I am working on H1 b visa from October. Now, I have an offer of a...
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    H1 stamping consulate change

    Hello all! I am currently working on F1 visa OPT expiring on Jan 7 2005. I have got my H1 approved for the quota starting from October. If I am not wrong, I must bet the new H1 visa stamped on passport before the OPT expires. But, I have got the stamping consulate as Chennai in India...
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    Question on employment for F1s

    part time work To qualify working for part time, you should be enrolled as a full time student in the college. Only in the summer quarter it is OK as its taken as a break, (but this too, I guess, if you are a full time student). You might wanna ask the office of international education about...
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    F1 Visa Rejected: Please Help

    F1 rejected This is kind of wierd. I dont wanna waste your time but you I guess it should be better if you show some Indian property/cash .....If you dont have that much money, any CA will make the documents in India...(just a suggestion). Showing Indian assets makes them feel that you will...
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    serioulsy confused F1 girl

    confusion? I also did MS in Industrial, didnt find a job there, so shifted to IT. I even ha da li'l exp in India and as a RA in the univ, still to be cautiious, my H1 was filed as a data analyst. In todays scenario, there might be "some" issue if you try to go to IT from Industrial engg, so see...
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    F1 to H1

    Hello, I am currently on F1 (OPT). My OPT is expiring on January 7 2005. I have also got my H1 approved (my very first H1 in this country) in the next years's quota (starting October 2004). So, is it NECESSARY (no exceptions at all) that I must go to India to get my H1 visa stamped on...