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    45 Day Letter

    I got my 45 day letter today from the Dallas BEC. So wahts the next step? the compnay has also said their ok. how long does it take to clear the labor now and go forward? i filed the GC in traditional format in dec 2003.
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    H1-B Transfer and H1 cap

    Quick question.. If someone looses his/her job today and apply for H1-b from a different employer will it be under the cap or no cap.. if it is under cap then they are scrwed right?? kinda confusing. can anyone tell..
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    Any Body in a similar situation

    Hi, My labor applicaiton was filed exactly 2 years ago on this day thro the traditional method and till now nothing has happend except that the case has been shipped to the dallas back log processing center. although i have still 3 more years of my H1 left.. it's kind of frustrating.. any...