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    Second Asylum Interview Experiences

    My friend, bring a lawyer at your next interview. Just to be on safe side.
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    Will I be denied Naturalization and get my GC revoked?

    you should be fine...chill.. simply fill your taxes for the last 5 years.
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    Citizenship Interview Question

    Just write a note and explain. Be clean with immigration. What if they already know......dont take a chance.
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    N-400 IV cancellation

    We did already gave you an answer on this matter.
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    Naturalization and going abroad..

    Make sure that your trip will not affect your physical and continous residency. Immigration is tricky nowadays. If I were at your place. I will stay until I get my passport once for all. Husband will stay for a while (1 BR) until this matter is solved. and you ll travel back and forth.
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    N-400 IV canceled! s not personal. be patient. it 's just an administrative error.....(staff shortage etc....)
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    LPR arrested for prostitution. Traveling overseas

    Currently, I dont think it's a good idea to travel. Withe this charge, your green card could be revoked. The charge is not dismissed from an immigration point of view. Please talk to lawyer before leaving the us.
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    N400 Test/Interview with misdemeanor

    When you pass the interview, even for a tiny speeding ticket before the oath, you citizenship could be denied. At the interview, the officer will ask or will already know the details of your story.
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    N400 Test/Interview with misdemeanor

    According to me. you will after the interview get A Notice of Intent to Deny (NOID) : a notice issued by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services to petitioners for citizenship. You ll be able to reapply but I dont know when exactly. Good luck
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    US citizenship application background check for overseas experience

    I dont think, you ll be in trouble. if you have your interview, it means you have been cleared. The interview date is set up after background come clean. keep us posted.
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    Overstayed and Detained in Memphis

    Hello - I have a friend who has overstayed her visa and visited by ICE at her work place. Surprisingly, she was not detained and asked to go to the ICE office in Memphis. .....she should have left the us after that part. 2 things : illegal and working illegaly Get a lawyer to speed up her...
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    Abandonment of Green Card Application

    You need to talk to a lawyer asap.
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    I miss my oath ceremony

    Dont worry. infopass
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    US citizenship Interview

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    Tell us more about you. Tell us your story.. is there something you re not telling us......
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    120 days since my n400 interview

    Well. you know exactly why it's taking time. Be patient, Any way, they ll have to make a decision sooner or later. Good luck.
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    I missed my naturalization interview

    you ll be rescheduled as soon as possible. I would say no more than 60 days.
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    Please Advice:plan to marry but live separately

    As long as he visit you and vice-versa. joint should be fine. If the wedding is legit. you dont have to be scared.