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    VISA Requirements

    Hi all! I need to go to the US, for that I need B1/B2(Tourist) Visa. Could anyone let me know what are the documents I need, and how much time in advance do I need to call them for the appointment. How long the whole procedure takes!
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    Car Insurance...Help!!!

    For Vault and all Gurus, I just moved to Canada like a week ago. I bought a car yesterday but I am unable to buy insurance for my car. I don't know .........but I called like 20 different brokers and no one is willing to sell me any insurance. I'm so frustrated right now. In US things were...
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    Notice of assessment

    To all... I'm a canadian landed immigrant(2001) currently residing in US. I filed my taxes in Canada last year. I need a duplicate copy of my Notice of Assessment for some prepose. Could someone let me know from where I can get that. Thanks in advance.