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    Changing Canadian Immigration Status in Canada

    My wife is currently in Canada as a visitor. Her company (US company that has international offices) gave her an assignment in Canada through the end of the year and gave her the paperwork to get her work authorization - under NAFTA Business Inter-Company Transfer. Does she physically need to...
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    One parent taking a child to Canada. What is needed?

    We have a nine-month old baby and my wife is traveling to Canada in a couple of weeks and want to take the baby with her. I am unable to go because of work. We already got our baby a US Passport. I read that my wife will need - besides the baby's passport - a signed letter from me saying it is...
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    How does USCIS ship cases to NVC?

    Received updates today from USCIS for my wife's parents I-130 cases. USCIS said they transfer the case to the State Department (both cases updated to state that). So, how does USCIS ship the cases to NVC? The cases will be coming from the Nebraska Service Center. I checked online with...
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    Case status changed to state A# changed. What does it mean?

    I received emails this morning (on a Saturday), one for each case, with a case status update for both of my wife's parents I-130 that were filed in June 2013 and transferred from NBC to Nebraska in December 2013. The objective is to do consular processing. The current status for both cases is...
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    I-864 Income Questions

    Wife and I file our taxes jointly. She makes twice as much as me (more then enough to sponsor a family of four). On the I-864, I know there is a question asking for your individual income. When NVC ask for the I-864, should we also submit a copy of her latest W-2 with the tax transcript to...
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    NVC Required Documents Questions

    We just received word today that my wife's parents I-130s were transferred to the Nebraska Service Center (wording of status online originally made it sound like it was being sent to the local office) for processing. Hopefully the I-130s will be approved in the near future that my wife wants to...
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    I-130 Case transfer from NBC to Service Center

    I read online in order to balance the workload, I-130 cases for immediate relatives are being transferred from the National Benefits Center to Texas, Nebraska, and California Service Centers. Besides getting a letter in the mail that the case has been transferred to a new location, will the...
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    Will USCIS suspend services during a government shutdown?

    I know this might not be the best part of of the forum to ask this question. If there is a government shutdown next week, will USCIS suspend all services (processing of applications, INFOPASS appointments, scheduled appointments) during the shutdown?
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    USCIS is transferring some I-751 from VSC to CSC

    FYI: USCIS issued a workload transfer notice today that I-751 filled and pending with the Vermont Service Center are being transferred to the California Service Center. Those who are having their I-751 applications transferred will receive a notice in the mail, and if you receive a Request...
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    How soon after getting citizenship should someone notify SSA?

    My wife became a citizen on May 17. In the packet she was handed at the ceremony it recommended waiting at least 10 days and then going to a Social Security Office with the certificate or US Passport to have the social security record updated to show that she is a citizen. Well, my wife...
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    Dual Citizen - Are both passports required for travel?

    My wife is a dual citizen. A citizen of her country of birth and a naturalized US Citizen. My wife may be going to Canada for a couple of days next month. She will be entering Canada with a US Passport, and of course returning to the US on the US Passport. Since she is a dual citizen is...
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    Passport Agency says application was not signed

    My wife applied for her first US Passport in late May. Today, she gets a letter in the mail from the Washington, DC Passport Agency saying the application was not signed in front of the acceptance agent. The office retained her Naturalization Certificate until this matter gets resolved...
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    Notifying Social Security of Citizenship status

    My wife became a US Citizen on May 17th. With the paperwork that she received at the Naturalization Ceremony it stated that the new citizen should notify the Social Security Administration at least 10 days after becoming a citizen so that their Social Security record could be updated. However...
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    Busy Passport Application Season?

    When I renewed my US Passport, DS-82 by mail, last October, I received the new passport two and a half weeks later with regular service. At that time the State Department was saying its normal thing of 4 to 6 weeks. My wife applied for her US Passport Book and Card on May 25 with a Passport...
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    So what location processes the I-130?

    I found the following information page regarding the transfer of workload effective August 2012. Could...
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    Post Office has a different ZIP+4 then on the instructions

    I tried to purchase postage online to mail a stand-alone I-130 to Chicago. The I-130 instructions say the zip code is 60680-4107, but the online post office verification system says the zip for that PO Box should be 60680-4143. I called the Post Office 800 number and they verified they have...
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    I-130 for parents of a USC

    I am assisting my wife with filing the I-130 to petition her parents, however we have questions regarding filling out the form. 10. Petitioner's Alien Registration Number: My wife was a LPR, but got her citizenship a couple of weeks ago. Does she need to put down her LPR A# on the I-130...
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    Who can serve as a document translator?

    My wife needs to translate her parents marriage certificate for her dad's I-130. My wife's native language is not a common language. My wife wants to know if a petitioner can translate a marriage certificate that they are going to submit with an I-130?
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    Where are standalone I-130 processed?

    Per the instructions of the I-130 a standalone application (without an I-485) for an immediate family member needs to be sent to the Chicago or Phoenix lockbox based on the state of the petitioner. What service center then processes the I-130? On the processing timeline graph on the USCIS...
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    Is an I-485 applicant considered a resident for school tuition?

    My wife wants to sponsor her parents, she is now a USC, but I told her that if she does I want them to take ESL classes at the local community college. If she sponsors them and they do AOS would they be considered in-state residents once they receive the I-485 receipts for tuition purposes?