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    Trip to UK on Business Visa

    Hi All, Did any one visit UK while on H1B and I-140 pending? One of the requiremnts for UK business visa is "Letter of invitation from the host company in U.K". Is it mandatory to have an invitation letter from host company in U.K? or Letter from the Employer in USA is good enough...
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    Question on L1 to H1...485

    I am posting this question here as more experts will see and can give some suggestions. Please excuse. Hello, some one can give a suggestion to my friend? One of my friends worked on L1 for 5 ½ years and left USA in August 2005. Now, he applied for H1 in late 2005 and got H1 visa stamping...
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    Question on L1 to H1...

    Hello, some one can give a suggestion to my friend? One of my friends worked on L1 for 5 ½ years and left USA in August 2005. Now, he applied for H1 in late 2005 and got H1 visa stamping for 3 years valid until April 2009 His EB2 labor applied in Sep 2005 and got approved in October 2005...
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    Biometrics appointment

    My 485 approved in mid September called USCIS and got appointment for Nov 5th at Alexandria, VA and gave me confirmation number for biometrics. Any one gave the biometrics for an approved case at local office with USCIS confirmation number? Any problems with local office? Does local office...
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    Another Approval after long wait..

    Hello, I just wanted to let you know that after a long wait my GC has been approved. I am on EB2 category at VSC. I have gone through a very painful journey. Here is the brief history of my case. 9/11/2001- Applied for labor ( is 9/11 day my petition delivered by FedEx to Labor...
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    Early FP done

    We had done our early FP (code 1) at Wheaton, MD on 8/6/05
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    What Service Center is ESC?

    I received my FP notice. In that notice, under Service Center column it says "ESC" What is Service is that. I never heard about it. Anybody has any clue?
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    Fp Notice - early FP possible?

    Anybody tried for early FP at Wheaton, Maryland office? If so what happened? I got FP notice for Aug-27 2005. Are they going to allow me to early FP? Or any nearby office will allow me to give early FP? Appreciate your reply. Thanks. Venkat
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    Diwali USPS Stamp petition

    Some of you might have already heard about this, but in case if you have not, here is a link to Diwali USPS Stamp petition. USPS is thinking about issuing stamps to mark the Diwali celebration. As you know, USPS has stamps for other festivals too like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid, and...
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    Sep 2003 file....How to get FP1 notice?

    I have filed my I-485 EB2 Conc. with VSC on Sep 18, 2003. I-140 has been approved. So far I haven't received my FP1 yet. I sent 3 inquiries by fax and one with Congressman. I received vague replies (like..."we shall get back to you in 30 to 60days...." but never) to my inquires and received...
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    EAD2 denied in December 2004 & Approved same in April 2005

    We have applied for my wife’s EAD2 in October 2004 and got denied in December 2004 as her I-485 not reopened by that time (I485 got denied as I-140 denied, and then with MTR, 140 approved and primary I-485 reopened in Oct 2004 but not dependent's 485). Last month my wife’s I-485 got...
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    Expedite request - VSC reply

    I have opened an expedite request with VSC for my 1st finger print notification and approval process as my I-485 ND 9/2003 and VSC processing December 19,2003 (that time). I received a letter from VSC saying: An expedite request must meet the one of the following: 1. Humanitarian 2...
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    EAD approved.. but...

    EAD got approved today exactly after 30 calendar days. No changes on I-485.... No FP.? No answer from USCIS for my Expedite request What is going on my case? Any suggestions from any gurus?
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    Name check – a very interesting story

    One of my friends sent a fax to FBI to inquire his name check status in mid October 2004. He didn’t receive any response from FBI. However his I-485 got approved in mid November ’04 and PP stamped also received cards on 5-January-2005. Surprisingly, he received a letter from FBI on...
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    Any body worked with Congressman ?

    Any body worked with Congressman for I-485 case? If so, is it worked?
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    How to reach office of Maryland Congressman or Senator?

    Any one can provide information about "how to reach office of Maryland Congressman or Senator’s? Any draft letter to approach them regarding my I-485 case? According to VSC updates, they are processing October 22, 2003 cases. My I-485 ND is September 18, 2003. I haven’t received my FP yet...
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    Any one not yet received FP with I-485 ND Sep-2003?

    Did any one not yet received FP with I-485 ND Sep-2003? I-140 Approved on 10/2004. Are there anyone in the same boat? Are there any suggestions? Please help!! EB2-VSC-Conc
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    Primary I-485 reopened but not depedents...

    Hello gurus, My I-140 & 485 got denied on Jul 27th and depends as well on the same day. I sent for MTR and I-140 got approved in October 1st week and 485 reopened for me. Where as depends 485s not opened. My attorney sent another request for reopening the 485 cases for depends. I got a...
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    Question on EAD Renewal

    Gurus, My current EAD is expiring in 30 days from now. Currently I am in 7th H1-B and it is valid until Jun-05. I am not using my EAD. However, I want to use it after expiration of my 7th H1-B. Please see below for my case details. Do I need to renew my EAD before EAD1 expiration? Can I...
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    Can I apply for EAD without reopen I-485 case?

    Gurus, My I-140 , 485 and depends 485 got denied based emp comp. After MTR, my I-140 got approved and 485 reopened. However, my wife and children 485 has not opened. My attorney sent a letter to CIS for opening 485 cases of all dependents. I haven't seen any changes in LUD's or status of all...