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    Spoke the next level IO (Officer)

    My case for I485 is pending for the last 6 years without any progress - RD - 06/16/03 . Spoke to the representative who answers when calling the uscis and then he transferred my call to an Officer. The officer said that I should get a response in the next 30 days regarding my case. Has anyone...
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    I485 moved from Vermont to Nebraska

    Both my husbands and my application for I485 is being processed in the Vermont office for the last 5 years or more - But recently my husbands got moved to Nebraska center and Mine is still at Vermont center. We just got the info via email that My husbands was moved . However , mine is still...
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    I485 Pending for the last 5 years :(

    Hello , I am new to this site - but in need for some desperate help in moving fwd. My husband used to be on this site sometime back but kind of gave up hope. We have been waiting for I485 for the last 5 years. RD is JUNE 16 2003. We have been Renewing our EAD for the 4th or 5th time now. Went...