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    To file 'I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status' or not?

    I am an Indian citizen/passport holder, and 70 and I have been issued a B2 visa which is good until some time in 2024. I live with my husband who is a USC, enjoying our retired life in India. Our 2 kids are living in America and naturalized US citizens. My husband and I visit our children in the...
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    Indian Passport Renewal of Minor Child, on Dependent Visa Residing in USA

    My 5 year old son's Indian Passport expires in June 2015. I am having a tough time trying to understand the documents needed to accompany the application for reissue/renewal. In spite of the instructions on the BLS website, rather than giving me a clearer picture, the pretty much did the...
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    B2 Stay Extension for authorized stay expiring soon.. Please help

    My mother who is 65 has had non immigrant B2 Visa since 2003. she was issued a 10 years B2 visa at first 2003. she visited America twice in that ten years, the first time she came was in 2003 and she stayed under 6 months, the second time she came to America was in 2012 when she stayed for 4...
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    Availing WIC Program and Naturalization

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    Having Entered on K1 Visa in April 2011 and got GC in Nov 2011, when can my wife file N400

    I am USC my wife came to USA on a K-3 nonimmigrant visa in April 2011, she secured her green card in Nov 2011. When will she be eligible for naturalization, does the clock towards the 3 year time frame start from April 2011 when she entered USA for the first time, or does it start counting when...
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    B1/B2 Visa, Is the interview at the consulate necessary for senior citizens?

    My Mom who is 64 had a B1/B2 visa issued to her for 10 years which is expiring in February. I have heard that for senior citizens (62 or older), they are not required to physically go to the consulate for interview for renewing their B1/B2 rather they can do it by filling out a form ? I may be...
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    Affidavit of Support

    If say I am a USC and I live alone, If I am to provide the affidavit of support for my wife, Is my size of the household considered as 1 (just myself) - $13, 537.00 (using the poverty line guideline 2010, August) or Is the size of the household considered as 2 (i and my wife who would be...
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    IR processing times at CHENNAI-INDIA Consulate TRACKER

    I am a USC who filed the i130 for my wife who is in India. the priority date on the I130 petition is as the 3rd of August. Assuming that the I130 gets approved in a time frame of 5 months, its going to be 5 months on the 3rd of Jan. I am creating this thread to track the recent time-lines of...
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    OCI traveling to India

    If you have been issued an OCI card, is it necessary to carry the OCI booklet or does the passport with the U visa and sticker suffice
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    secrity clearence.

    As a recently naturalized citizen, is it possible for me to get a class 1 security clearance?
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    a silly question regarding the visa bulletin

    I have a silly (but serious question as far i am concerned) about the visa bulletin. for the month of nov it shows INDIA 2A 01JUN10 2B 01JUN05 does this mean that its currently processing category 2A applications with the priority date of 01JUN10 (or earlier) and...
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    corp to corp

    how can a person go on corp to corp? i mean how can a person get a corp id. a friend of mine had been working on 1099, he wants to get a corp id and go corp to corp how can u get it how much time does it take and how much money does it cost any trade offs like filing taxes 4...
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    do you need to get a US passport before applying for surrender/renunciation

    hi the form to surrender the indian passport is below ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DECLARATION OF RENUNCIATION OF CITIZENSHIP OF INDIA ON ACQUISITION OF CITIZENSHIP OF ANOTHER COUNTRY 1. I...
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    H1B confusion

    my friend was working with a reputed pharmaceutical company right after graduation. he worked there on opt and earlier this year around january he switched to H1 B which the company sponsored. I recently resigned the position on the 16th of august. technically how long can he legally stay in...
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    N400 + Legal Name Change + Oath Ceremony

    I am expecting the OL in 3 weeks time as my case got approved today even though my ID was on the 11th of june (the IO said that he needed some other file and the decision cannot be made and that i will be getting mail from uscis). I have asked for a legal name change so i am wondering how...
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    F1>>out of status>>aos

    I have gotten the impression from the forum that as long as the spouse is a USC it does not matter if the other half has fallen out of status, they would still be able to to get a GC through AOS. I will be getting naturalized in 3 months time. I was wondering if my wife could get F1(student...
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    Tri-Valley University

    has any one got any experience with Tri-Valley University ? heard that they provide F1s with no hassle and provide CPT from he moment the person's course commences.
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    time taken for usc's IR Visa

    If a USC is to file a 130 petition for his spouse (IR), at the moment it takes 5 months to get the i130 approved under Vermont Service Center to my understanding once the 1 30 is approved the case is sent to the regional consulate where the IR resides. In my case India - Consulate in...
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    USPS mailing incident

    What is the 'USPS Mailing incident' that the USCIS refers to ? How do you know if you were effected?