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    timing--Petitioning for Parents while in US

    If I petition(I-130 & I-485 at the same time) for my parents while they are in US as a visitor (B2 Visa), will this make processing time any faster than filing while they are outside US ?
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    canadian asylum

    any one have any experience about Canadian asylum process? ..just curious
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    Finally I received it !

    my I-485 was pending since 2008. wrote letter to congressman, and they forwarded it to USCIS, and now I received letter stating that my case is in hold, due to.....inadmissibility bar.!! I am ready to wait, whatever time it big regret...overall I am safe here... In the mean...
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    Applied for Asylum......interviewed within the regular time frame married before asylum decision. ...... Case was approved ....and then filed for family recently got NOID letter for family petiton. This is my friend's case.... What do you guys think? is there...
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    Once rejected(who was in valid status) by AO. Can the person re-apply for Asylum (still in valid status)?
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    C1/D Asylee

    applicant with C1/D status applying for Asylum : for most of the case Asylum Office doesnot have jurisdiction(if entered through vessel). If the office keeps the case pending for more than 180 days without referring to court, can applicant file for work permit?
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    Travelling outside US after Asylum rejected

    Will F1 student have problem reentering United States once he's been rejected Asylum? Will they allow F1 student to re enter if F1 leaves the US while maintaining the status and with valid I-20? How about the visit to home country, cause F1 didn't qualify for Asylum?
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    Aylee Family Petition

    How long does Asylee family petition takes once the USCIS requests extra documents like Birth Certificate of the Beneficiary, after about the a year of petition? Did anyone experience this kind of scenario? :confused: