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    I-130 Online Last Page

    What the heck is this? I'm a US citizen filing for my wife, just married. Is this religious record required or is that used for other cases than a spouse? The same goes to the school records and census records "see blow".
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    Lost Refugee Travel Document

    Just wondering if someone can help or has a suggestion on this one. I have a friend with an approved asylum status "derivative asylum, no GC yet", travelled outside USA with a refugee travel document, lost it yesterday and wants to return to USA. now only have asylum I-94 and a photocopy of...
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    I-130 for wife... can she visit? visit, not stay!

    My wife has a multiple entry visa "visitor visa", we got married a month ago in USA and she left to home country... I will file her I-130 soon, can she visit me while we are waiting USCIS to process I-130? her intentions are still vising me only, she will use her visa to visit me and NOT to...
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    Uploading avator

    it would be nice if members were able to upload avators :)
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    I want my free EAD !

    Today is a great day for me, i finally got my final approval letter in mail with the new I-94 after 7 months of wait for the FBI name check :D:D:D:D:D unfortunately, I thought I would get a new EAD in the envelope... :( I already have one but it will expire in January 2010 now, could...
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    FAFSA for pre-asylees

    Hello everyone, just thinking about studying something in college... Will I be eligible to get Financial Aid with my current status? recommended approval waiting for final approval I have know a lot of asylees getting grants and loans from FAFSA but they already have the...
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    A logical question, asylee status

    Are Asylees "after granted final approval" considered Permanent Residents? one of the reasons that I'm asking for is joining the army, they say must be Permanent Resident or citizen. but I guess asylees are Permanent Residents, GC is backdated 1 year for this reason, right?
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    Save yourself 340$ yearly

    Save yourself 340$ yearly OK, this is not an ad or commercial about new car insurance or phone service... :) Asylees are not required to have EAD, just print the attached document and show it to the employer :D and you don't need to renew your employemnet card and paying 340$ :rolleyes...
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    With recommended approval, is it OK to travel?

    for some urgent circumstances, I need to leave USA for about a week Can I do that without effecting my asylum case? I only got the recommended approval What do I need to travel in my case? RTD only? or AP too? or ??? or maybe I shouldn't "can't" travel?
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    Do It Yourself - Fill I-589, I-765, I-131, I-485

    I like USCIS forms, they are amusing but sometimes they could be difficult like math section of the GRE test. "Don't say it's easy" The following posts will illustrate forms I-589, I-765, I-131 & I-485. They are really easy :)
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    Social security number

    Do you think I can get a social security number with my Recommended Approval ? or I must wait for the final approval. I'm confused because I noticed in my Recommended Approval that I can get work authorization "it's written in the letter" I think work authorization is related to SSN...
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    Bad USCIS forms

    Dear memebers, why is it that when I open some of USCIS new forms I get them somehow corrupted while the old expired ones are good example for the good one: "this is I765 form" example for the bad ones...
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    What happened in my interview :-)

    Hello everyone Thanks for your support in my older thread Now... let me tell you about what happened Of course I went to Chicago and made the interview there early in the morning... I wasn't able to sleep the night before it...
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    My asylum interview

    My asylum interview I589 is in 12/11/08 in chicago guys... wish me luck please if you have an advice I will be thankful, are there any tricky questions? will I be asked if I have money or not? I used to have money in my home but here I'm poor.... should I say I'm poor??? Thank you all