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  1. alban

    Visa Bulletin for November 2015

    It is published visa bulletin for December interviews. AFRICA 14,500 Except: Egypt: 13,000 Ethiopia: 12,200 ASIA 3,600 Except: Nepal: 2,550 EUROPE 14,000 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS) 3 OCEANIA 525 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN 625
  2. alban

    DV 2016 Winners from Kosovo

    Hello If there are any winners from Kosovo can be present here in order to help each other.
  3. alban

    Experience in US Embassy in Skopje

    Hello Please to help us about the interview that you had in the US Embassy in Skopje. Information for this embassy are very limited. Regards, Alban
  4. alban

    Interview at the US Embassy in Skopje

    Hello Experiences of any interview at the US Embassy in Skopje. Required documents or any other information important. I am selected for DV-2016. I've been looking on Google for any information about the documents required by the embassy in Skopje. However I could not find enough information...
  5. alban


    Pershendetje Nese ka ndonje fitues nga Kosova qe e percjell kete forum ju lutem te na shkruani ketu ne menyre qe ta ndihmojme njeri tjetrin. Me respekt Albani