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    Tech Democracy, NJ????

    Folks: One of my friends got an offer from Tech Democracy, NJ, and would like to know if anyone had any experience with them, good or bad? Please share your experience with Tech Democracy, NJ!! Appreciate your response.
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    Visiting CGI Houston

    Has anybody recently visited CGI Houston regarding OCI or PIO? Please post your experience! Also, what time they open the counter for queries? Thanks in advance Good luck to y'all howdy_howdy //
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    Visiting Houston CGI in person. Suggestions please!

    We sent our apps for PIO by end-September and no news from CGI Houston. I am planning to go in person and find out whats happening with our case! Has anyone been to Houston CGI in person to get info on their OCI/PIO app? If so, please post your details and suggest me how to go about doing...
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    Has anyone done Indian PP surrender & PIO at the same time at the CGI Houston?

    I see that the CGI Houston website doesn't mention about surrendering Indian PP & applying for PIO card at the same time! I am wondering if anyone has done that with CGI Houston? The Washington DC website shows this can be done together but CGI Houston doesn't say it explicitly. Also...
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    Life without the Birth Certificate

    Folks: Does anyone have a chance to file I130 for their siblings if the sponsor and the beneficiary don't have birth certificates? Should the case be deemed useless since they don't have BC's? Has anyone faced this situation (that is going for I130 & CP w/o BC's) especially those from...
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    Family based GC for sister

    Thanks in advance for your help. I am a USA and I would like to apply for I130 for my sister; she's married and has two kids. One is 17 and the other is 11. Country of birth is India for all except the 11 year old since he was born in UAE. If I have to apply I130 for my sister, I need to...
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    Need info on PIO card

    Folks: My daugher is born in the US and her parents (me and my wife) were born in India but now we are US citizens. With this situation, it is possible to get PIO card for my one year old daugher? Please let me know. Thanks howdy_howdy //
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    Please respond!

    I am a USC and am planning to apply GC for my mom who is currently in the US on B1/B2 visa and she will be completing her 90 days by 1st week of August. My Q is, can I apply for I130, I485 and Advance Parole (I-131) all at the same time! Is it OK to file ofr AP for her? If possible, then if...
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    My N-400 interview experience

    Had my N-400 interview this morning at 11:30am @ Dallas, TX (near PGBT). Checked in at 10:50 and waited for almost two hours (12:40pm) to get called for the interview. I had no arrests/tax evasion issues. I had a citation in 09/1997 in FL. The interviwer went through the application form...
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    Wonder whaterver happened to POJ, mvusa, saras, Poong et al?

    Used to see them on 485 Forum before. Pretty sure they got their GC's around the time I got mine (06/2005).
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    Do they take photo during FP?

    Folks: I wasn't photo'ed when I went for my FP @ Dallas this afternoon. Just my fingers on left & right hand and individual finger prints. Thats all. When I asked the guy about my picture, he said cases with NBC don't allow pictures to be taken. Don't you need picture as part of...
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    FP done @ Dallas, TX

    N400 FP (code 3) done @ Whitehurst Dr @ Dallas. Appt was at 1pm and I was there at 12:30pm. Not many were inside when I went. I was done with the FP by 12:55pm. No photo was taken. I thought biometrics included photos. Most importantly, they don't allow early FP's. All they allow is to...
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    Did you get sleep the night before Oath Ceremony?

    An honest question! Has nothing to do with your PD or FP or BackGround check etc. The question is: 1. Did you sleep on the night before the Oath? 2. Did you feel for renouncing/giving up your Citizenship? If you think you have spare time, please respond. Thanks howdy_howdy //
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    Early FP @ Dallas?

    Did anyone go for early FP in Dallas recently? My FP is on 5/26 and I would like to go as early as tomorrow. Anyone has any suggestions? Thanks in advance howdy_howdy //
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    Is it a must to keep tax transcript?

    Experts: Is it a must to keep tax transcripts if called for interview?
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    Early fingerprinting at Dallas

    Folks: Did anyone go for early fingerprinting & biometrics recently @ Dallas for N400? If so, could you please provide when did you do it and how soon you went for the FP/Bio? Thanks in advance howdy_howdy //
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    Has anyone typed info in N400 form using Adobe?

    Has anyone typed info in N400 appl form using Adobe and used it as the application for Natz? Does USCIS value the application form filled in this way? Thanks for your help howdy_howdy //
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    Two quick questions for seniors

    Howdy: I am getting ready to apply for Natz as I have completed 4 years and 9 months after getting GC (never been out of the country for more than six months). 1. What docs or copies of docs need to be attached with the application, apart from two PP sized photos & copy of my GC (front and...
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    Doubt/Question on Part8 of N400 application

    Folks: I would really appreciate if someone could tell me if I am doing the right thing. I am married only once and living with my spouse. My spouse is also married only once and her husband is me. IN this case, for Part8 (Information about your marital history) Question G on "How many...
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    Non-availabilty of Birth Certificate

    Friends: I need help on my birth cetification situation. I do not have a BC and I am no sure if my birth was even registered when I was born in India. I have affidavits frm two of my relatives that I was born on such & such date. I used these affidavits to get through during my GC stage...