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    Question regarding Oath Ceremony Form

    I followed the instructions as they show: City and State is where I signed it (for me it was at home, which was a different city from where the ceremony was, but same state). same for 2nd line: my official signature (like in bank, credit cards, etc), and my home address (permanent address). I...
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    How long did it take for your passport to arrive (NON-expediated request)...

    same thing here. per the site I am still supposed to get it on or about 3/15...
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    How come the passport (book or card) do not have a "citizenship since" date?

    because it the eyes of the secretary of state, it does not matter. All they check is if you are a citizen. remember, SOS issues the passport, and not USCIS.
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    How long did it take for your passport to arrive (NON-expediated request)...

    Thanks WBH, and I hear you, but my employer asked me to do it once I finalize my citizenship process. There is no difference in work terms, pay, condition, etc, just a process they need to follow and report back regarding peoples' status. I will just do it, and get it over with.
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    How long did it take for your passport to arrive (NON-expediated request)...

    Status update below in signature. Next steps for me: Register as voter at Secretary of State, SSA, update I-9 at work, and start packing for upcoming business trip. Best to all, and many thanks to all of you that posted and answered questions. G.
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    Signature on Citizenship Certificate

    I think GungaDin is right. I think that at the end of the day what matters is the fact that you took the oath in an official court, with a judge "officiating" the ceremony, and the process was approved, supported, and accompanied by immigration authorities. At that point (and only then) one...
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    Signature on Citizenship Certificate

    In Detroit, I verified the info when I was informed that I passed the interview. It showed on a regular sheet, and after verification, I signed it. on Oath day, I turned in the invitation, GC, went in the court, took the oath, and then one by one we were called by the judge to be given the...
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    Oath letter

    Mine was handed to me by immigration supervisor at the end of my interview, after 10 minutes wait. G.
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    How long did it take for your passport to arrive (NON-expediated request)...

    All, Since application day (2/18) all I have is 2 weeks of complete silence. I still get the whole sentence about: "The application is being processed......" but no emails received, no update to status, no nothing. Based on some previous posts, this is when people started getting updates, or...
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    Passport appointments at USPS - Frustrated

    Is this an issue on in CA? I applied on 2/18 (no PP yet) in MI and just walked it and did it, not issues. Since my wife will finish hers in a month or so, I wonder if it's going to be an issue as well? G.
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    Detroit MI - N-400 Timeline

    Did you mean 90 days? if so, looks like you are officially good on 3/9/2010. I would give it a full week just to be on the safe side so instead of mailing it on the 11th, I would mail it on the 15th (Monday). I read it all over the different forums here, and it made sense, and it also worked for...
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    How long did it take for your passport to arrive (NON-expediated request)...

    Hi, Naturalized and application (PP and PC) on 2/18. By now I only have "Application locator numer". No email messages (although signed up), and no change in status. am still waiting. I have 5 weeks until travel, and it sounds like I should be OK, but will give it one more week to see if...
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    Passport Application - Travel plans field

    I am not sure I undnerstand "optimal" but if you are asking about missing info, then the answer is yes. They need to see that all the pertinent fields are filled in, and that the info you provided is accurate. While the required data on-line is what is necessary, you cannot provide less than...
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    Passport Application - Travel plans field

    My check was just cleared by the passport agency, but no status on-line. Is that how it's supposed to be?
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    Citizenship Interview and tax questions

    They did not ask me for any tax info. I have read here from some people that they were asked, and from some they were not, it sounds like it is a hit-or-miss situation. Better safe than sorry :) Good luck, G.
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    Social Security Card

    They ask for you to state the number just to verify the information you put on the document, but not for the card. You have 2 options: get one now, or get one once you become a citizen. The second option MUST be done as you cange your status to a USC. G.
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    N600 - questions

    I only have one question, though: Why wouold one need an N-600 if you are getting your child a passport, and for all intents and purposes your minor child is a citizen already? As far as I know the law says I can pick one of the 2 ways with my son (i.e. N-600 or passport).
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    Lost Passport and Naturalization

    I'm afraid baxterbaker is right. you need the actual document.