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    GC/EAD for my fiance through marriage

    I am an LPR since 16th September 2005. I live and work in Washington and my fiance works in Texas on H1B. We've been seeing each other since October 2008. It has been quite difficult for her to get a job in Washington that will sponsor her H1B. For me, it's been difficult to get a job in Texas...
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    Newbie Citizenship question (timelines, marriage etc)

    I am returning to immigrationportal after 4 years now. This forum has been so wonderful that without help of its participants, I wouldn't have received my green-card 4 years back. So I am starting on a journey to file for a citizenship and had few questions. 1. Do processing times differ...
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    Green Card guy wants to marry H1B girl - visa situation messed-up?

    I am sure this is a very common question but I can't find a good answer. I understand that I being on a GC decide to marry H1B girl, she won't get GC immediately (like it takes 5-6 years). Can she at least get an EAD to work for any employer anywhere in the US? Much appreciate your...
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    Biometric appointment Fiasco !

    As many of you know that I had made a biometric appointment by calling 800 number listed on my 485 approval notice. We got two confirmation numbers to be taken to San Jose ASC. I called 800 number just to confirm my appointment. I wanted to do this because there was a change in procedure...
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    Interesting stuff with name check issue (Congressperson Vs. Senator)

    As some of you already know that my congresswoman made an inquiry to FBI for expediting name check on August 4th 2005 and FBI cleared my name check on 10th of August 2005. I know this based on email responses that my congresswoman's office fwded me which she received from FBI. Soon after...
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    I-485 is approved 09/16/2005

    Dear All, I wanted to share the good news with you that our I-485 applications have been approved today 16th September 2005. We received two emails at 9:31 PST from USCIS about the approval. Online message has changed to confirm that our cases are approved. Quite frankly, I was excited...
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    URGENT: Regarding 2nd FP, when do I do it ?

    Folks, Our 1st FP was done last September and USCIS has received its results on 2nd of October 2004. I heard that FP results expire and people are adviced to go and do second FP. I remember somebody mentioning that people have just walked into local offices WITHOUT FP notice and done...
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    After 485 is approved, what next ?

    Folks, Once 485 is approved what next ? I see people talking about 1) I-485 interview, what is this for ? 2) Biometrics appointment, what is this ? 3) Passport stamping 4) Ordering plastic cards. can someone please comment on 1) or 2) atleast please ? Is this procedure documented...
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    How long it takes for name check results to reach USCIS from FBI ?

    Hi, Apparently my name check results are fwded to USCIS by a magnetic tape in the week of 15th August 05. Does anyone know how long it takes for the results to reach USCIS for them to start acting on my application ? Also, Is there a limitation on how many emails I can send to CSC-XII ...
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    FBI name check complete (July 2004 I-485)

    The Draconian name check is complete for myself and my wife. FBI took exactly one day to finish name check for my wife and exactly one year for me. See my posting for details.
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    FBI name check complete (July 2004 I-485)

    The Draconian name check is complete for myself and my wife. FBI took exactly one day to finish name check for my wife and exactly one year for me. See my posting for details.
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    FBI namecheck response

    Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 07:38:53 -0400 From: FBINNCP Email <> To: <> Subject: RE: Inquiry for Name check status for <myname> Dear <myname>: I am responding to your email dated January 17, 2005, concerning your name check status for immigration...
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    Question for experts and those waiting namecheck

    Hi, It seems that I-485 is getting approved quickly these days. People who have their 485 pending due to namecheck process for many many months, can they just revoke the 485 application and file a fresh application that will hopefully be proecssed faster ? Is this an option ?
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    Can we just reapply for I-485

    Those who are awaiting name-check to be cleared, especially those from June/July/Aug whose name-check delay seems unexplainable - maybe because these cases were lying around in the corner and USCIS forgot to send to FBI. Can we all just retract 485 application and reapply ? Nowadays anybody...
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    Response from USCIS regarding 485 query

    Today my lawyers received following response from USCIS regarding query they sent (presumably via email) about a month ago. "The I-485 in question is still pending a FBI name check clearance. After the file has been cleared by FBI, the file will be adjudicated. USCIS has NO control over...
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    CSC I-485 stats

    According to Processing statistics for California AOS (I-485) applications - From month of January 2004 to June 2004, the approval percentages is above 32%. This percentage suddenly drops when it comes to July 2004 where it is 24%. From months Aug to Dec all decreasing...
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    Calling on Jun/Jul/Aug 2004 I-485 CSC

    If you have applied for I-485 in timeframe of June-July-August 04 in CSC and still waiting, please respond with what message you see in your online status . CSC processing times show its in October 2004 and its high time we should've seen approval. Unless ofcourse the infamous namecheck...
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    Namecheck status TRUE or FALSE ?

    I am sure many of us who have I-485 pending have called USCIS's emergency line at different times to find out status. If I-485 is pending on response from FBI, they will tell you that namecheck is pending. In many cases the online messages changes to "Your application is pending additional...
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    July 29th 2004 I-140 Approved !

    Folks - Just got email from USCIS that I-140 is approved. No movement on I-485 yet (neither on my wife's I-485). Lets see. Thanks a lot to everyone on this forum. It is great to have your support during such agonizing and anxious wait. Hope you get your approvals soon. Thanks again folks.
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    Talked with CSC emergency number

    Talked with emergency number in the morning today and "the nice lady" answered. I was weary to get any answers since I was shunned away almost 4 or 5 times before. All I asked was I am calling to find out my status on I-485 application. She asked me A number. I didn't have it handy so asked...