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    6-Year Journey Has Ended

    :) It's been a long and tedious journey, but I finally got the email approval notice for my I-485. For those interested in the details of my case, here they are: - Arrived in the US in 1995 with J1. - Had to waive J1 2-year residence restriction because of error in application. -...
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    Temporary problem with USCIS phone system ?

    Hi all, On 11/19, I checked my case status online and I saw a new LUD on 11/18 for my I-485 pending case. The message had not changed though. I tried to call the USCIS customer service, but for the last five days I've been getting the same message: "we're sorry, but due to a temporary problem...
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    I-485 Standard Operating Procedures

    I found the official I-485 standard operating procedures: It's quite tedious to go through them, but I think reading them is very informative. Happy reading. lalala
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    Case Satust Inquiries

    I recently asked for a second case status inquiry (my I-485 RD is 370 days earlier than the current CSC I-485 processing date). While the first one led to no reply whatsoever, after the second one I received this email: "on 11/04 we responded to your case status inquiry, blah blah blah..." I was...