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    can i apply citizenship 1 Felony

    Do not apply for Citizenship. If you travel they will take your GC when you will try to re-enter US and put you in deportation proceedings. I think fortunately the PD that prosecuted your case did not participated in a program called "Safe Community Program" that transmits info to ICE for all...
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    Can Green Card be revoked while applying for Citizenship?

    If your GC was issued after the incident and you disclosed it in your GC application, there should not be any problems. It appears it was not a CIMT and had no effect on your GC application.
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    I have arrested with dismissed before my oath

    They will do another check for your arrest on their own to see if you still qualify. If everything else looks good you will be rescheduled. Make a info pass appointment and take the certified disposition of your charge and turn it in as soon as possible.
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    Oath ceremony rescheduled due to arrest; charge dismissed in court

    You did the right thing by disclosing your arrest, the officer at the oath ceremony will turn the documents in to an adjudicator for further review, worst case scenario will be another interview, in my opinion you will have no problems. Did you disclose the first arrest in your N-400?
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    Passport in two weeks?

    Mid January onwards is slow travel period and people have received their passports in 10 days even without the expedite fee. That being said if I were you I would still pay the expedite fee just to make sure, I think 95% you will get your passport in time, on the laternative you can pay about...
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    USPS, UPS, or FEDEX ?

    Its not gonna make any difference.
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    Is there an appeal after the visa refusal?

    If you are referring to a B1/B2 NIV then no there is no appeal, but you can apply again if you want.
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    I-130 filed and passed 3 months with no updates

    For CP yopu have filed the right form, all the others forms mentioned are for AOS, Upto five months is considered normal for a I-130. Just sit back and relax......
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    El Paso oath ceremony dates

    If your oath involves a name change it will take longer, if you are not you are still within 45 day scheduling period, I would'nt worry about it.
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    Interview suspended and no reschedule after two months

    There is no telling if its going to be one week, one month or one year. The only way you can have a ndifferent officer or office is if you move to a different area, there is no charge to do that.
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    Applying for B2 visa

    Agreed. I meant all the NIV's in B category.
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    How do I sign my Certificate of Naturalization

    Big Joe is right nobody gives a crap, so stop being excited about the Nat'z certificate and how to sign it. You got it congratulations, get over it and stop making useless threads.
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    Applying for B2 visa

    All NIV's (non immigrant visas) are self sponsored and a mere presence or absence of a letter is not a deciding factor. You not only have to show funds available for your visit but a lot much more to prove "Ties" to your home country. That could be tangible or intangible property, family ties...
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    After Green Card: Asylum U.S Citizenship Questions

    You also get a 90 day head start, for example if your GC says Resident since 04-01-2006 you can file your N-400 90 days before that date in January.
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    Son's Indian Passport

    He has lost his indian Citizenship and cannot travel on Indian passport, he can reclaim it later when he is not a minor as suggested by the previous reply. You also cannot admit him in a Indian school and enjoy lower fees. Simply put you just can't have best of both worlds as per Indian...
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    Voter Registration

    It's not required by law to be a registered voter.
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    i 797 question

    Explain your case a little further to get a better explanatuion.
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    Getting fingerprint done before the appointment date.

    You can do that but that do not accelerate the process at all, files are scheduled for FP appointment and the interview in the order a petition is placed, a walk in FP will not prompt a Interview before the other's inline.
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    No decision after the Interview

    With a marriage based AOS it is impossible to predict what is going thru thier head, you might hear something back from them or they might have put this in a field investigation there is no telling, just sit back and relax as there isn't anything else you can do.