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    Change of Address

    Okay, I need to update/change my address to USCIS. I will do it online, and it states that I SHOULD NOT send it by mail as well. So I should do what then? online and then call to the superdupper customer service line? Now I suppose to put my receipt number. I did my I-751 removal of...
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    Proof of citizenship

    This question is for a co worker that she is a US citizen but the only proof that she has is her US passport. She was born in India but she obtained her citizenship through her mother who naturalized. Now the only proof that she has is her passport but is not suppose to be another proof of her...
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    USCIS PO BOX and US Postal Office - Info (especially TSC)

    I don't know how much of peace of mind can bring this to y'all or if you knew about this before, good for you...but I did not until now. For the ones who send a package to a USCIS via USPS with tracking system, USCIS pick their mail once or several times a day on their PO BOX(es) depending on...
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    I-751 December filers

    Hey guys, I am ready to file my I-751 package, but I have a question when and through who I should send it? If I send it with USPS the earliest it can be there (by guarantee) is the Express Mail overnight and get to Mesquite, TX (Texas Service Center) at noon, with FedEx it can be there at...
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    I-864 Help - can't remember some issues

    Well, I am a LPR but I am not at home and until now I realize that the form already changed, so it's different of the one that my husband and I did more than a year ago...and the wife of my husband's co worker is asking something that I really don't remember about it. Checking the form at...
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    Atlanta Inteview Experience_Cherr1980

    Our experience was very far different from many posted here. The background of our relationship: I was worry because I came in B2 (old visa) visa but he proposed me on November 2004 means that we were engaged before we got married here and no fiance visa. When we were dating I always said...
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    For those who have questions about Married, maiden and other names.

    Please check this link, very informative: Good luck,
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    South experiences with FP, EAD's (ATL, AL, etc)

    Somebody has experiences in Atlanta, Alabama, South Carolina area? For I-130/1-485, EAD's? FP and Bio appointments? I called today for check out the Atlanta ASC and now they open all the dates, booked everybody until Sept!!! I just called last week and they told me that it was still blocked...
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    GA DMV experience...Advice please!

    Hi everybody, I know that we all have to be with patience to get EAD and then SSN to get a driver licenses, but my husband is going out of the country for a period of time and I need to drive to do normal stuff and pay things. But so far I just have my NOA's and waiting for my fingerprinting...